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Getting your message out there can be quite  task. You need to have the right content on the right channels at the right time. The styles you employ need to fit with what you are saying. Below are a few bits and pieces to help you make some decisions.

Here’s a stunning roundup which includes a hand-picked showcase of trendy hipster style website designs. They all boast a retro or vintage theme.

Source: Showcase of Trendy Hipster Style Website Designs

Are you looking for ways to improve your business website? Want to know the key aspects you should measure to maximise performance?

Source: Website Analytics: 7 Factors You Should Measure to Maximise Performance [Infographic]

How has your website performed from an SEO perspective since 2012? Have you noticed peaks and troughs in rankings and traffic over the last 5 years?

Source: A Timeline of Google’s SEO Updates & How They Affect Your Website [Infographic]

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Benefits of video marketing

Benefits of video marketing.

Video marketing is now in reach of even the smallest of businesses. It has serious uses given recent google updates which look for particular forms of content on websites. Quality, though is everything – you can do it yourself, but …

10 interesting digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week | Econsultancy.

There are a number of different forms of video you can create:

  • the direct pitch, tell people what you sell, what you do, how they can reach you, where they can find more information
  • creating a scene, or a background, placing yourself, your products and services in a scene or situation with which your viewers can then associate
  • create a tease which is later followed up with concrete information or a pitch
  • provide information which is helpful to your viewers, you can then associate yourself with it all.

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Video Production Price Guide.

7 mistakes to avoid when filming ‹ SONIC SIGHT.

beginners-guide-to-content-marketing-infographicvideo-marketing-impact Video-SEO-Infographic

Be a good example of yourself

An old adage of mine in marketing and branding terms is simply – be a good example of yourself. Have a story line, have a story, have your own characters, landscape, background and setting. Whatever you are as a business, show people not only what you are – show them you are good at being you!

Your branding depends on what you say and how you say it. It is all part of your branding.

the online paper

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We try very hard to be a good example of ourselves – as with everyone we can only do what is humanly possible – online paper

are you really open all hours?

here we show what can be done with a little automation. You can take some of the effort out of online presence by the suitable use of the tools available. Style, content, message and media are different. Each element of these needs to show who you are, what you are how you are!

Social media channels – the rise and the fall – the uses to be made takes Pinterest to the Next Level |

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facebook page creation

social media monitoring

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social networking market shares


social media today

youtube creator

pinterest ideas

the social sickness infographic

The Google +1 Button Has No “Direct Effect” On Rankings, But… | WebProNews.

Online video

Online video is so much easier an option for even small businesses these days. It is no longer just the province of the larger enterprises.

First of all choose the channels you will use. Everyone talks about and thinks of Youtube as the major option. It is not the only one. Indeed given available widgets and tools courtesy of many web hosts embedding video on your own website is relatively common. Beyond this there are other options such as Vimeo which may be more to the taste of certain target audiences.

Your channels will need to be suitable for both the target audiences you have in mind and the sort of video you are likely to make.

YouTube Quietly Launches InVideo Programming: Apply In-Player Branding Across All Your Videos, Instantly.

4 Tips for Optimizing Your Online Video Advertising Campaigns.

uses of video as promotional tools

51 uses

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brightcove – video hosting


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As with any form of marketing or promotion there right ways and wrong ways. As with the recent comment on taglines – the wrong tagline will do you no service in business terms, similarly the wrong video, a poor video, something amateurish, badly shot or constructed, edited and so on may gain a few youtube hits for the laughs but won’t necessarily sell anything for you.

Do it right – if you do it yourself get someone else outside of your circle to check it and give you feedback. But then you could just get a professional organization to do it for you – perhaps even us!


Business video – 1 – an introduction

Marketing needs content for it to be meaningful. Getting your business message across is a lot easier if, as it were, there is some meat on the bones. Give it some substance! Given recent google updates as well video content helps immensely with your seo.

examples of business video
The classic article listing business video categories and types can be found here, and yes, if you think about it carefully and correctly there are that many forms of video.


Even small businesses have video within their reach, whether it is made for them by a company such as this or perhaps doing it themselves.


another article

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In previous articles on the branding process I have talked about the generation of keywords as a core part of the initial process of brand landscaping. There are, though, two major forms of keyword –keywords and phrases which ultiately contribute to your metadata and SEO efforts, the words you use as tags, catgories and the like. There are also those keywords which act as triggers and identifiers. These are the words, phrases and as well, the images which help to set tone, add character, colour both background and foreground.

There are those keywords which contribute to the ability of your targets to reach you, often via internet searches, these are also the keywords which contribute towards things such as adsense and ppc generally. Below are some free resources available for such efforts.




malcolm coles



Your brand landscaping efforts might be well served by a variety of ongoing ‘scrapbooking’. Try collecting anything you feel relevant, get others close to you to do the same. It does not have to be an intense affair all of the time, it can be gentle, as and when. Think of it as beginning to tell a story – the story of your brand – what stories would tell of it at its birthday party, what pictures would you share. It is, after all, the creation of a personality. That personality wil also have, as it were, an address, the things with which it is associated, there will be all sorts of stuff that makes it what it is. This sort of keyword will help to establish that and make the other tasks a lot easier and more productive.