Things to Consider With Branding and Corporate Identity Part 1 » Creative Beacon

Things to Consider With Branding and Corporate Identity Part 1 » Creative Beacon.

Geometric backgrounds, video and graphics – resources for download

as said in previous posts simple basic geometric inspired bacgrounds have their uses in graphic design, content creation and generally for all of your business efforts

video background 1

video background 2
video background 3
video background 4
video background 5
video background 6
video background 7

feel free to download any of these items

motion graphics background

Geometrics – a few more resources

Here are some basic backgrounds for free download. The simplicity has its uses – although it adds coour, often quite basic and bright, it does not detract from the text, the message alongside.
Adding a little pattern does have an effect as does using block colour. similarly a hint of a gradient gives a little more texture.

Geometrics – useful design

Geometrics are a useful design scheme for certain projects. Simple, clean, discrete, it provides a graphic accompaniment to all sorts of possible projects without distracting from main areas of message. A basic palette, often bright and joyful is often the colour scheme to go with this schema. It allows for simple and clean animation for any video addition. Below you will find a very quick version of such a video. You can also download the background used.

geometrics the video

the background