Online video

Online video is so much easier an option for even small businesses these days. It is no longer just the province of the larger enterprises.

First of all choose the channels you will use. Everyone talks about and thinks of Youtube as the major option. It is not the only one. Indeed given available widgets and tools courtesy of many web hosts embedding video on your own website is relatively common. Beyond this there are other options such as Vimeo which may be more to the taste of certain target audiences.

Your channels will need to be suitable for both the target audiences you have in mind and the sort of video you are likely to make.

YouTube Quietly Launches InVideo Programming: Apply In-Player Branding Across All Your Videos, Instantly.

4 Tips for Optimizing Your Online Video Advertising Campaigns.

uses of video as promotional tools

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brightcove – video hosting


hosting solutions



As with any form of marketing or promotion there right ways and wrong ways. As with the recent comment on taglines – the wrong tagline will do you no service in business terms, similarly the wrong video, a poor video, something amateurish, badly shot or constructed, edited and so on may gain a few youtube hits for the laughs but won’t necessarily sell anything for you.

Do it right – if you do it yourself get someone else outside of your circle to check it and give you feedback. But then you could just get a professional organization to do it for you – perhaps even us!


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