Penguin 1.1 Now Live – More Incentive to Write What You Love | Site Reference – Internet Marketing Articles

Penguin 1.1 Now Live – More Incentive to Write What You Love | Site Reference – Internet Marketing Articles.


style and branding

As you may have noticed we have been trying to provide a few free resources to add to those generally available – we have had the opportunity to make use of similar resources in the past and so … join us on flickr (futurhoodav), pinterest (f4mmedia), youtube (f4mmediavideo, f4mmedia, futurhoodav).

I have a personal taste for styling within branding which has something in terms of depth and imagination. It is all too easy for a small or new business to worry about getting things done, doing things themselves or to imagine that they can do everything just as well as a professional. It can be the case but I would offer this piece of advice – ask someone who is not going to say what they think you want to hear. Get a real objective view of anything you produce. The alternative is to ask someone (such as us) who will give you options ranging from initial free consultations, basic design portfolios, a branding outline and the like.

For us the work we do for our clients has to be friendly, attentive, open to discussion, wherever possible ongoing (taking both short-term and long-term perspectives) but essentially imaginative and productive. There is far too much that is bland and shallow in small and start-up business marketing. There is a lot that is plainly disastrous – from the endless spelling mistakes to poorly executed design and overall content.

So! use the resources to hand including the local other professionals such as ourselves, think, discuss and make it exciting!