Source: ritetrax

Source: RiteTrax #008: Peace in the Park Fundraiser

I will be providing the visuals for this.

RiteTrax is a platform for underground creative culture in Manchester and Sheffield.

Source: RiteTrax #007: No Policy Takeover at The Harley (420 special)

I, personally, will be djing and vjing at this event.

Source: RiteTrax Sheffield Manchester – YouTube

Broadcasting the best in music, arts and culture, from the Old Granada Studios Source: Reform Radio Reform Radio – http://www.mixcloud.com/reformradiohttp://www.reformradio.co.uk Broadcasting 24/7…

Source: Rite Trax and me on Reform Radio and more « colours heard


RiteTrax – Brand storytelling



For any business especially new, small businesses, getting the message out there is of vital importance. To do that it can be a great help to use a variety of images which aid in generating a brand image. Those images and the text that goes with them tell a story, we would hope, and that gives a brand not only an image, it also gives depth, texture and more. The right images for the brand and the story are, of course, crucial, also the palette used, the typography. Every image says something, every font has a character, its own story to tell.








What we are talking about here, as a case in point, is Rite Trax, a new small operation based around a collective of young and not so young people who like to perform, create and more. They provide events at a variety of locations in and around Sheffield ecompassing spoken word, live art, displayed art, live performance, dj’s, a vj and so on.

Source: ritetrax

Source: RiteTrax #006 ft WÖLFE, KIDD KOOL / live street art / spoken word &more!

This is the upcoming event – yes I will be performing, and I hope to perform a lot beyond. Below you will find a link to my other article contiaing links to stuff involving them and radio.

Broadcasting the best in music, arts and culture, from the Old Granada Studios Source: Reform Radio Reform Radio – http://www.mixcloud.com/reformradiohttp://www.reformradio.co.uk Broadcasting 24/7…

Source: Rite Trax and me on Reform Radio and more « colours heard



It is an interesting venture and one I am so glad to be with – there is so much of interest here. The combination of forms of expression, the range of people, their backgrounds, tastes etc. I hope that my additional illustration adds suitable and depth-enhancing content to the brand as it begins to grow.

Some of the artwork:





RiteTrax is a platform for underground creative culture in Manchester and Sheffield.

Source: RiteTrax Sheffield Manchester – YouTube


Loops and Samples Synth Presets Virtual Instruments

Any promotion you put out there goes better with the right audio track sitting there making more of the message. Creating your audio track from absolute scratch can be too much for many. Sure, you can download particular pieces of music or incidental backgrounds that just about fit, but then perhaps you might need something very particular – or you just want something different. So take a bit of a step an get yourself some tools for the job ahead.

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Download this collection of the very best handpicked ambient sample packs from the Samplephonics library.

Source: Ambient Music Loops | Download Chill Out Samples | Ambient Bundle Pack


Download royalty free loops and samples, apple loops, sample packs, rex2 loops, 24 Bit wav samples, synth presets and sampler instruments.

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the work of Des Bate his project the entertainingtoolbox, futurhood av, f4mmedia, graphic design, illustration, audio-visual art, musiv video creation, text

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Sell Music, promote you …

10 Tips to Sell Music Online – INFOGRAPHIC.

Its a hard road the music business. I, for one, love my music and my involvement in it – admittedly that is something that has declined the past few years. But if I was to be invited to play somewhere, provide visuals, design some of the promotional materials, create the video flyer – guess what! There like a shot … and yes, I still make music here and there, still dj, I am one of the strangest 60+ year olds you will meet. So here are a few ideas to stoke the fires.

New Notes Futurhood Av.

music | Scribd.


Music and marketing 3 – video

Video is used far more now by those within the music industry. Not only are the big names getting stuck in to the medium, even small bands, producers, labels and venues have the self same opportunity.

Video flyers are something of a new approach to promoting an event, a release and the like. They can add significantly to the content distributed via social media. Here are a few examples

Here is a vlog produced by some friends.

Here are some examples created by futurhood av, with whom we are connected.

Vlogs and video interviews allow you to be chatty, personable and get basic information across. They allow you to present yourself in a direct and engaging manner. Within this category you can also place ‘the retrospective’ – the presentation of and event or a performance – flavour delivered directly.

Music videos are a product all of their own. They give the music that extra visual dimension. Here are some from futurhood av

Adding music videos to the mix creates additional engagement with your audience. You as a brand acquire another dimension above and beyond the production or performance of music.

Choose your channels – click on the links below

dm3youtube-logo1 imagesvim imagesmetLet us know if we can help. Discuss all of your needs with futurhood av – click the link below

fhavbanner5All of this is obviously just a taste of the what and how of video in music. There is more to come …

Digital marketing and the music industry: six key trends for 2014 | Econsultancy.

Music Marketing

The 5 Best Music Marketing Moves Of 2013 – Forbes.

Promoting or marketing a band, a dj producer, an event, anything music related, is, in principle, the same as any other promotion or marketing. The music world is a mad world but …

Music Marketing Manifesto – Music Business, Marketing and Band Promotion — Music Marketing Manifesto is a leading resource for today’s DIY musicians and Music Business Professionals..

The music business itself may be majorly chaotic but the basics still have to be done:

  • website
  • social media channels
  • design scheme
  • promotional content.

There is a lot more use to be made of video in this area of business.

  • music videos
  • video interviews
  • event retrospectives
  • video statements

Social media channels and content have to be carefully and purposefully dealt with. There are a number of video channel options, not just the obvious:

  • youtube, the obvious
  • vimeo
  • dailymotion, the newcomer
  • metacafe

futurhood av music social media

music social media futurhood av 2

The music world is mad but if you want to go beyond the chaotic fun and get things done then you need to get the message out there. That message is founded upon basic promotional facts:

  • the events you have coming up
  • the forthcoming releases
  • what is already out there

Above and beyond all of that a large part of the message is whole branding side of things. Any event, band, producer, venue is about a lot of things. Part of it is style, part of it message per se, part of it audience and everything that goes with that and them. The channels you use, the style, design, the language as well as the typography, the editing – text, video or audio, they all count.