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Marketing for any small business can be difficult. It is generally a question of gaining a balance between cost, time, content and channels. There is very little sense in looking at any series of marketing options which are not going to be value for money and give suitable return on investment. The channels and content you choose need to fit the purpose at hand, particularly reaching the right targets in the right way. some businesses benefit well from a high incidence of graphic content while others do not. Marketing via a series of channels densely populated by youth is not a good choice for those with an older target market.

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Given recent changes to Google algorhythms there has been far more emphasis put on video content. Indeed, there has been a greater weight given to content of all sorts, in particular the quality of that content.

Video comes in two major forms – basic message promo and information laden video. Promo videos give the basics of a message about a product, service or brand. They are short, punchy and often stylized. Information laden videos are generally longer, spoken word, text and graphics based.

There are two major schools of thought, it seems, concerning the best length of business video. The measurement of engagement span in video viewing talks of both 45 seconds and also over 2 minutes in terms of length of engagement, interest holding. The point that is all too often missed in comparing these glaringly different assessments is that there is more than one reason for video viewing online. Where someone is channel hopping or seeking entertainment, looking for a certain need to be met, then a shorter engagement tends to be the case. Interest is held only for seconds. Particular sorts of video work well given this sort of motivation, this sort of online activity. At other times the very same person may be looking for real information, something of depth. This purposive behaviour tends to lead to a longer potential engagement with a video. If someone is seeking out bodies of information laden content then they will extend their engagement with video content that fulfills that need, but only if that content answers a question posed or delivers something held to be of value.

Choose your channels to suit your business needs, your targets. Create, or have created for you, the sort of content that delivers what is required by your targets.

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textures, resources, free downloads.

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brute force – vj performance, techno, breaks

yes back to vj performance, it has been a little while

it will be seriously interesting working with dave and the guys again

the vj is often one of the people involved with a performance or an event who gets little recognition