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for all bands, musicians, dj’s, promoters, labels, venues – we are looking at running a series of seminars/presentations/informative get-togethers giving an introduction to using video, the net and social media for your purposes, your marketing and promotion, to be run @ a small venue in sheffield email to find out more

Big is nice but small is beautiful In a quirky way

I love small venues, don’t get me wrong, a large club, as long it’s not a tasteless hangar or cattle shed, has its qualities if the entertainment is gripping and the people have something about them. But the small venue has a particularity about it – well some do, the good ones. They are things to treasure. The government though has had a myopic view on all such things. They level attack after attack, restriction after restriction. But we battle on … oh! I should have said I have worked with, in and for a few small venues.

The Earl was the first major one. For a while we had something buzzing down there. After working for a couple of months as promotions manager we were voted best DJ bar in the area by Mixmag. Then sometime later came the Redhouse, not won an award yet but as a small independent not in the tight loop of many of the trendier bars, pubs and venues we have come close on many occasions.

The small venue offers a far more personal approach to events and its customer base. In the case of the Redhouse we don’t really have a core of regular customers because we are a purposeful venue. People come here for specific purposes. We offer the widest range of music in South Yorkshire. We are also the most international venue in the area. More languages are spoken here than anywhere in the area. But music is not the sum of our activities, the Redhouse is also a venue for fine artists, audio-visual artists, film-makers and sometimes food.

There is something warm, personal and friendly about a small venue. It has its very own character

Why be one when you can be many!

As a way forward for some new creatives it may be time to take on something said by behance:

–          the creative collective.

Not every new creative, new graduate, designer, coder, film-maker, sound-technician or engineer, photographer, marketing graduate … blah blah … is going to land a nice cosey position within a plush studio or grand office. It is all too often that they have drive, skills, all sorts to offer. Perhaps they have the odd idea, a friend or two needing something done but they don’t have all of the resources. Perhaps they have certain local contacts who may need work doing or have a problem to solve, well you get the idea.

A suggestion:

– a local directory of creatives, technicians, people with skills

– something beyond and more directed and detailed than networking sites such as Linkedin, good though it is

– somewhere a contact can post work and look for others to create a team to suit the work at hand

In other words a little cooperation between those with skills and those with business needs could go a long way, each benefiting from the other.

You don’t take a donkey to a camel race! Or if you do it’s carrying the sandwiches …

Not every pound in the average pocket is spent on the high street or in a retail park, or even on-line, even though shopping and other transactions are increasingly moving to the net for some. There is still a place for the convenient local store, for many it is the only option. There are specialist shops which may be small but still have a clear place in the economy, similarly for the quaint, the friendly. There is a major place for small to medium enterprise. Not everyone can or wants to use major enterprises for their needs, all too often they can be impersonal, uninterested in small sales or contracts.

It has been said that the next year or two will usher in a whole raft of changes in marketing, the promotion of businesses, branding and so on. Many years ago marketing, advertising was the province of larger enterprises, it has become commonplace for small to medium enterprises to take part in these practices. But those smaller enterprises do not have the capacity to earmark staff to wholly pursue those ends, it becomes one of the may tasks for certain people within the firm.  Perhaps small groups of locally based creatives can help and offer value for money services. It is said every firm will have to become a media company. For the smaller becoming a media company may mean a partnership between them and other small companies or groups of freelance creatives.

So much has been written about branding and identity, about content marketing. Not every company, retail outlet or service provider can easily manage a clear and forceful brand identity which is easy to see within the market as a whole, not even locally. Instead it may be the case that a wider culture of brands, a collection of identities could be put forward through certain sorts of content marketing, promotions and advertising. Small and collected can be beautiful too!

Online video for bands, DJ’s, producers and more

Not every band, DJ, producer etc. can find itself reviewed in the local press let alone major industry magazines or fanzines. Flyers are only picked up rarely, posters are an occasional reminder of an event, a release or of the very fact of a band, DJ, or other. The internet is much more a force in the promotion of a band etc, so why not make the effort and make that effort stick. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so what does a short piece of video say?

Do you have a website? Do you need a website? Even if you think it might be a costly thing to do, perhaps it really is not – there are free websites available via google. There are also cheap hosting options available via 1&1 for example. Such a site for a band or DJ should include information which is sensible and general for any business or activity – contact information, an about us section outlining basic details of the band and its history and make up, a news and events section, how you can pick up any cd’s or download any pieces of music. Some design work would be sensible, perhaps including cd covers, pictures of the band, perhaps during performance or perhaps not, a logo or two. Alongside this some video might be of use. This could include:

–          event filming

–          performance filming

–          music videos

–          general interviews with the band as a whole or in part

–          introductions, again as a whole or in part

–          vox pops

–          magazine pieces, the silly outtakes, the short daft interviews, the odd, the throw away bits