S3e Ltd – cleaning with real social impact

There are all sorts of basics in business. Behind the scenes there are a multitude of services and support that help, services and support making things possible, easy. For example, clean offices, shops, houses and flats for showing, to let or to sell, are things often just taken for granted.

clean bright 2a clean professional   professional caring

Finding the right services in support of your business can be a task. Here are a few bonuses:
– a friendly and approachable company, not run of the mill, impersonal, all just plain business and no personality
– priced on square footage and tasks rather than time
– the company helps to employ local people thus supporting the community
– there is a direct link between the company and the charity Belong, contract work directly aids people with learning difficulties
– the company is still on top of all of this thoroughly professional, providing top notch services and full support.


The company is S3E ltd – a local cleaning company providing cleaning and related support services to companies, authorities and domestic customers.

S3E Ltd.

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Polygon Graphics – the rise and use of …

We have recently seen quite a rise in the use of polygonal graphics as textures, backgrounds and forms of ornament in web design, graphics and particularly for mobile phones.

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You can add a polygonal texture to other graphics, photos, illustrations – they add a particular quality, something new but pointing back to the easier and more comfortably simple.

f4mmedia big pic poly1 f4mmedia big pic poly2 f4mmedia mobile poly


Using the backgrounds on their own provides something simple and straightforward in terms of design. It adds but is in no way overpowering.

poly grpahic f4mmedia 1

Check out the links to a whole raft of freebies – there are a lot more out there.

poly grpahic f4mmedia 2

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poly typography 2

poly typography 3

poly typography

Self-Promo Videos – marketing and branding

Film School: How to Create Your Own Self-Promo Videos | HOW Design.


Video has become far more a thing of even small business. It is easier for people in general to make videos. It is easier for small and local businesses to find someone within reach who can help with such projects. Video is also something which adds immensely to the seo efforts undertaken by any business – most of which have siome sort of web presence, even if it is only via social media.


33 Free Places To Promote Your Website Online.

There are so many styles of video to choose from –

marketing and branding – YouTube.

Style and message are keys to the process – but one thing stands out – the lesson not to overextend yourself and get impartial feedback before you go public. Too many times small and local businesses give themselves a bad image, damaging their brand by glossing over mistakes.


Why Video? The 5-Point Case for Video Marketing – Resource Center –


S3E ltd – a welcome business surprise


It is so often the case that the people and the organizations you run across in the business world are simply run of the mill, much the same as everyone else you meet – very much a case of ‘same old same old’. Here and there it is nice when you deal with or just run across people and businesses that are a little different.
We have all been in some sort of contact with a business or five that are friendly. Those involved being welcoming – generators of smiles.
We all hope that we involve ourselves with businesses that can be described definitively as professional. Obviously there are times when the opposite is true.
Again – there are times when we just hope for something of a fresh approach, a little away from the norm, as I said above not quite so run of the mill.

community hand drawn

Cleaning is one of those things that can be just another tiresome job to get sorted for any business. Sure – you can do it yourself – but that is not always so convenient for many businesses. For a lot of businesses it is just not possible given everything else that has to be done as a matter of course, or not something possible given the staff on hand. You can, of course, hire your own team – but then again, bringing in specialists is a more sensible and convenient option. They can deal with matters at times that fit in with your business schedule. They can stock the materials and tools needed. They can deal with all of the details so that you don’t have to.

clean professional2 drama2

Flat Design Projects

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Flat design has been with us for a while now – it has hints of the minimal, a bold use of colour often as not, a clear love of icons and a particular simplicity of style. All of this is of great use for many businesses in terms of their branding. It fits very often with particular brand messages and has great use in responsive sites, for use on phones and tablets because of its clarity and simplicity. As you will see it can also be used in video as a styling all of its own.

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It has its particular appeal to many target groups. It is not fussy! But it does need a careful approach. There are things you should not do within it – certain fonts work better – see above.