What is material design?

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OK – so basically Google had to do something given how many others were setting new design trends in the online world. Material design is essentially it.

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Here are a whole set of links helping to explain better than I the basics and more of material design. In effect it is a whole series of partial developments moving on from flat design and adding google’s own twist on to both foundational elements of web design and its stylistic twists and turns.

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polygonal blur | 30.2MB .RAR file – Sellfy.com.

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snakeskin | 10.8MB .RAR file – Sellfy.com.

arty blurs | 10.7MB .RAR file – Sellfy.com.

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Choose the Right Images for Your Brand

How to Choose the Right Images for Your Brand.

sellfy f4mmedia banner

f4mmedia (f4mmedia) – Sellfy.com.

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In terms of your brand and your marketing – what is it that you are trying to express? Does it give the right picture? the right emotion?

What sort of design style or schema are you looking for? What fits?

All sorts of things are roughly in style at the moment:

– a lot has been said about flat design, minimalism, the move away from skeumorphism

– a lot is coming to be saif about material design, a sort of offshoot from flat design but very much a case of google adding itsown twopence worth

– big picture backgrounds are useful for some people

– geometrics, polygonal backgrounds or details/textures/patterns have their uses

– blurred backgrounds and blurs as details have their fans

– musch use is made by some of badges, retro and even vintage stylings

10 great websites to find free stock photo.

f4mmedia Stock Footage | Royalty Free, Instantly Downloadable | MotionElements.

skin cover

snakeskin | 10.8MB .RAR file – Sellfy.com.

cover arty blurs

arty blurs | 10.7MB .RAR file – Sellfy.com.

polygon cover

polygonal backs | 191.3MB .RAR file – Sellfy.com.


polygonal blur | 30.2MB .RAR file – Sellfy.com.

f4mmedia f4mmedia on deviantART.

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Self-Promo Videos – marketing and branding

Film School: How to Create Your Own Self-Promo Videos | HOW Design.


Video has become far more a thing of even small business. It is easier for people in general to make videos. It is easier for small and local businesses to find someone within reach who can help with such projects. Video is also something which adds immensely to the seo efforts undertaken by any business – most of which have siome sort of web presence, even if it is only via social media.


33 Free Places To Promote Your Website Online.

There are so many styles of video to choose from –

marketing and branding – YouTube.

Style and message are keys to the process – but one thing stands out – the lesson not to overextend yourself and get impartial feedback before you go public. Too many times small and local businesses give themselves a bad image, damaging their brand by glossing over mistakes.


Why Video? The 5-Point Case for Video Marketing – Resource Center –


Flat Design Projects

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Flat design has been with us for a while now – it has hints of the minimal, a bold use of colour often as not, a clear love of icons and a particular simplicity of style. All of this is of great use for many businesses in terms of their branding. It fits very often with particular brand messages and has great use in responsive sites, for use on phones and tablets because of its clarity and simplicity. As you will see it can also be used in video as a styling all of its own.

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It has its particular appeal to many target groups. It is not fussy! But it does need a careful approach. There are things you should not do within it – certain fonts work better – see above.

Flat design and more



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Minimalism has found itself a new twist – flat design. Taking a simple palette, a basic typography using less ornate fonts, a regular use of blocks, grids and simple geometry, images with less in the way of gradient and shadow – it is a functional approach to what is in front of your eyes.

Illustration and stock shots – content with difference

brownleaves1geometric nuts b by f4mmedia on deviantART.

The images you use in your business content say so much about you. It is all too easy to go the tried and tested route, not use any imagination, or even use styles and imagery that is hackneyed and dire. Try something new every once in a while. Show your target audience that there is more to you than normally meets their eyes. It is worthwhile sometimes to do something, to use images that tell your story but are a little different.

f4mmedia f4mmedia on deviantART.

brownleaves1abrownleaves1a1DSC02203DSC02233DSC02238DSC02265DSC02266DSC02287DSC02291DSC02297DSC02298DSC02307DSC02308insect leafrope 1rope 1aThe power of illustration or how stock shots are killing your content.

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The right font and the right design

function design scripts10 Crucial Lessons From History’s Greatest Graphic Designers | Co.Design | business + design.

Typography trends in web design and some goodies to get you started –.

In all of your design projects the right font – the font that fits and expresses what you are about – is what is needed. There are fashions within typography just as with all design. There are fonts that have been overused, they are to be avoided, as with those fonts that are associated with a general lack of taste.

The design style that you are taking on can be reinforced and deepened with the right font.

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handwritten fontsand a freebie

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Above and beyond flat design there is a return to various graphic motifs used in the past. We are also seeing a lot more use of badges, ribbons, banners, big pictures, big typography and in particular situations video backgrounds. But things do not stay still for long. Take a look at and compare the opening credits and title sequences to such shows as – ‘About a boy’ – set in San Fransisco these title sequences use something I like to think of as California Corporate. Its use of fonts with a handwritten element make it a little more informal and appears much more approachable. The vectors used are also quite pared down and iconic in feel.

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big picture ex1

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