Design trends – the story continues

In web design big picture backgrounds are continuing to have a presence. They allow for a more emphatic presence of a brand idea, a brand setting. There are also a whole range of interesting menu ideas making the rounds.

Nothing catches your attention like a high-drama design. Big images, unusual use of common elements or whitespace and adventure-based gameplay are different ways to introduce users to a project. Each

Source: Essential design trends, May 2016 | Webdesigner Depot

New font creation is aiding and indeed fuelling all sorts of moves within design circles. We are still seeing highly decorative fonts, some with a very retro or even vintage feel, some continue in the calligraphic brush script vein.

FLORVA Typeface by alit suarnegara available for $12.00 at

Source: FLORVA Typeface by alit suarnegara | Font Bundles

bonus patterns amongst a range of arty backgrounds for your design projects – something different but now – a range of imagination for your illustrations

Source: Abstract Art | f4mmedia –

The use of watercolour styles and particularly anything floral continues as our love of the gentle, homemade, homely in a wider sense, the springtime and summer continues.

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Source: Flower Power Mega Bundle ~ Objects on Creative Market


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f4mmedia available materials

f4mmedia’s DeviantArt gallery.

Beyond the blur « colours heard.

sellfy f4mmedia banner

f4mmedia (f4mmedia) –

coloured grunge bg 1 cover

coloured grunge backgrounds 1 | 33.5MB .RAR file –

coloured grunge bg 2 cover

coloured grunge backgrounds 2 | 29.9MB .RAR file –

polygon | 29.3MB .RAR file –

radials cover

radials | 3.4MB .RAR file –

electric ingenue cover

electric ingenue | 32.6MB .RAR file –

des bate | manager at f4m media | Bio & Portfolio.

f4mmedia Stock Footage | Royalty Free, Instantly Downloadable | MotionElements.

skin cover

snakeskin | 10.8MB .RAR file –

cover arty blurs

arty blurs | 10.7MB .RAR file –


polygonal backs | 191.3MB .RAR file –

polygon cover

polygonal blur | 30.2MB .RAR file –

Choose the Right Images for Your Brand

How to Choose the Right Images for Your Brand.

sellfy f4mmedia banner

f4mmedia (f4mmedia) –

Brand Design Tips | Building Your Brand Identity: From Logo….

The Ultimate Guide to Color Theory for Designers.

In terms of your brand and your marketing – what is it that you are trying to express? Does it give the right picture? the right emotion?

What sort of design style or schema are you looking for? What fits?

All sorts of things are roughly in style at the moment:

– a lot has been said about flat design, minimalism, the move away from skeumorphism

– a lot is coming to be saif about material design, a sort of offshoot from flat design but very much a case of google adding itsown twopence worth

– big picture backgrounds are useful for some people

– geometrics, polygonal backgrounds or details/textures/patterns have their uses

– blurred backgrounds and blurs as details have their fans

– musch use is made by some of badges, retro and even vintage stylings

10 great websites to find free stock photo.

f4mmedia Stock Footage | Royalty Free, Instantly Downloadable | MotionElements.

skin cover

snakeskin | 10.8MB .RAR file –

cover arty blurs

arty blurs | 10.7MB .RAR file –

polygon cover

polygonal backs | 191.3MB .RAR file –


polygonal blur | 30.2MB .RAR file –

f4mmedia f4mmedia on deviantART.

free downloads « colours heard.

design « colours heard.

stock images, textures, backgrounds and more « colours heard.

Graphic Design – materials, resources, ideas, more… « colours heard.

10 great websites to find free stock photo.

Beyond the blur « colours heard.

Polygon Graphics – the rise and use of …

We have recently seen quite a rise in the use of polygonal graphics as textures, backgrounds and forms of ornament in web design, graphics and particularly for mobile phones.

10+ High Quality Polygon Background Packs For Free Download | 365 Web Resources.

Polygon Graphics – What They Are, Examples and Tutorials.

You can add a polygonal texture to other graphics, photos, illustrations – they add a particular quality, something new but pointing back to the easier and more comfortably simple.

f4mmedia big pic poly1 f4mmedia big pic poly2 f4mmedia mobile poly


Using the backgrounds on their own provides something simple and straightforward in terms of design. It adds but is in no way overpowering.

poly grpahic f4mmedia 1

Check out the links to a whole raft of freebies – there are a lot more out there.

poly grpahic f4mmedia 2

The Rise of Low Poly Web Design – 11 of the Best Examples – DesignRope.

10 Examples of Polygon Website Design.

Polygonal Art in Web Design – Designmodo.

20 Free High-Res Geometric Polygon Backgrounds.

Vector Polygonal Background in Illustrator | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration.

poly typography 2

poly typography 3

poly typography

Design Trends and resources

Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2015 | Elegant Themes Blog.

Flat Design vs Minimalism : Which One to Choose? |

8-Point Checklist To Make Your Website Design User-Centered.

– some blurred backgrounds for you …

beyond blur1 blur6b blurs n mo (0-00-12-23) blurs n mo (0-00-13-12) blurs n mo (0-00-14-08) blurs n mo (0-12-10)

25 Wonderful Websites with Blurred Backgrounds.

  • There are still uses to be made of blurred backgrounds.
  • flat design is still being used, sometimes using a certain amount of big picture backgrounds
  • minimalism is still there
  • the vintage/retro styling is being used, for graphic effect, giving an historic depth, intimating towards a richness of background and experience

Color Theory: How Color Works – Design Crawl.

use the tools f4mmedia

– still a great use made of retro or vintage styled pieces …

and then vectorised bits and pieces …

ana dequate message

vectored statement


Stock images and graphic resources

stalks 1astalks 2stalks 1Graphic design trends of 2014 – The Oxygen Agency.

dramatic leaves1 foliage 1 foliage 3 foliage 4 foliage2 foliage2a greens1

f4mmedia on Dropr.

Silverback DJ – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats and pictures at

Futurhood Av | Mixcloud.

Digital marketing and the music industry: six key trends for 2014 | Econsultancy.

rising setting.


stalks 3

Business, Graphic Design, Multimedia – small business resources

The 5 Basic Principles of Graphic Design Explained.

bg abst bar1 bg abst bar2 bg abst bar3 bg abst bar4Here are a few graphic design resources – download if you wish. Resources are useful for any business, free ones even better. Here we have some simple angular abstract backgrounds …

bg abst bar5Using the right text is important for any business promotion – having the right graphics to illustrate and reinforce the message is more …

bg abst bar6Back up all of your efforts with the right style of graphic, the right typography, a variety of media. Perhaps a general makeover is the order of the day – has your business moved on over the past few years, do you have different targets now, perhaps a slightly different bent to the business as a whole, so …

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9 Common Web Design Mistakes.

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