The emotional response

A few thoughts for you …

When you are getting your message out there – marketing your products or services, adding a thread to your branding – much of what you are attempting is to elicit and emotional response. You are hoping that emotion will make the experience memorable and keep you and your product, service or brand well within reach of the viewers mind’s eye.

As is obvious, there are a number of emotions that it would be possible to generate via your content, many but not all have a use in the marketing process. The sorts of response you are probably looking for include – a smile, gentle or broad, a nod, possibly with a grunt of agreement, a tilt of the head, a questioning look, a laugh, faint or deep, chuckle, titter or belly, a nod, an ‘mmm’ of agreement, and there are more. Each indicates an emotional response. It is your hope that memory accompanies these responses.

The above is an urban image with retro inline typography. It will resonate with particular people – the night time setting, the colouration, each add for one or more slices of the public to react positively.

Here we have a phone, a flower, a tidy handwritten font. This is a clean image possibly resonating with both men and women, a hint of informality from the font adds a personal touch, the rose and the smartphone indicate particular means. Who will agree with this image?

Here the urban along with a muted palette says what to whom?

A watercolour flower along with a plain message again written in a handwritten font, something comfortable, homely, but still with its own brightness which sits well with its directness. Will this sit well upon a tidy family dinner table or in a quiet living room?

Does this have to be described? Is this not clear, distinct in its own direct statement to the world of business, its palette and scene directly indicating the city?

Muted, a hint of negative space, reduced palette, thoroughly modern font. Who will this speak to and in what way?

Pointing towards the retro with a typography nodding in a similar direction, there are those of us who can feel that design scheme well, the reminiscent, the returning, the familiar.

In each case every element works with the other to elicit a particular response and is more accessible to particular groups of people – age ranges, gender, background, earning levels, interests, and so on. Typography, colour palette, image style, text, each has a part to play. If you then combine that with the channel and time it appears you have something of a complete picture and a potential plan – perhaps even ‘a cunning plan’. This is what we do and can do for you! We plan, we design, we write, we post, we print … We can do it for you!

I will write a series of short, pithy, useful pieces of text that can be used for graphics, social media and other online and offline marketing. Similar to slogans they will add to your branding and marketing – giving you more buzz, zest and interest from buyers. They will add a creative and imagina

Source: 10 taglines, endlines, straplines | Zeerk

I have lived and worked on 2 continents, working in a variety of industries, from multi-nationals to small, local businesses. I have a world of experience and the creativity and imagination to back up the hard work and perseverance.I have 2 blogs writing on maketing, design and more.

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Social Media, Marketing, Content, Design

I am currently attempting to help a recent startup business with their establishing a branding, marketing and promotional set of efforts. Key within this are questions of design, content and social media channels.

This is so much an online world. That being so for any business even the smallest it is a virtual necessity to have some sort of online presence. The big questions, though, are the where, the what, the when, the how often, and all such! All of it depends who you are trying to reach and what you want to say to them. Who is who needs content at 8am, midday, midnight, 4pm, 6pm, 7.30pm? Who is just looking at the pictures, or the daft video, who needs something substantially informative to react, who just needs that clever tagline? Oddly enough F4mmedia can help with all of that – even if it is just offering advice! We are here to help and hopefully this blog does some of that and points you towards a whole raft of resources to help.

Our compilation of the latest social media statistics of consumer adoption and usage Social networks are now so well established, that there are now a core. Marketing topic(s):Social media strategy. Advice by Dave Chaffey.

Source: Global Social Media Statistics Summary 2016

The social media channels used depend upon a number of different factors:

  • age
  • location
  • interest
  • social grouping

Think about who it is that falls not only within your customer base but who you want to attract! The sort the message, the form of delivery – text, graphic/illustration, video, audio – the channel, the time and all of the other variables that might affect uptake.

As technology and marketing evolve, the job of the content marketer does as well. Today’s professional needs these 4 key skills/traits.

Source: The Skills Today’s Content Marketer Needs – Marketo

Explore the updated History of Content Marketing infographic to gain insight from the past – Content Marketing Institute

Source: The History of Content Marketing [Updated Infographic]

Discover 31 types of content that your audience doesn’t tire of, always has time for, and wants to share with others – Content Marketing Institute

Source: 31 Types of Content We Crave [Infographic]

Source: P-Typography_Zoom.jpg (JPEG Image, 2658 × 2000 pixels) – Scaled (30%)

I have worked on 2 continents in a variety of posts, industrial, commercial and more. I now create video, music, marketing materials as well as perform visually

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New ideas for the week

Just give the week a little push – here are a few design ideas and resources to help you along. Given that there are always new design styles being created, giving more and more options for your content creation, why not explore …

Download Brother Typography Script today from Font Bundles

Source: Brother Typography Script – Free Font | Font Bundles

Download Habgost Script today from Font Bundles

Source: Habgost Script – Free Font | Font Bundles

Having new resources to hand is extremely time saving and can give you great new ideas. We will try to give you all sorts to look through over coming days, weeks, months …

Buy and sell handcrafted, mousemade design content like vector patterns, icons, photoshop brushes, fonts and more at Creative Market.

Source: Free Goods Of The Week ~ Creative Market

Introducing ♥ Forever Soulmates ♥ – a fashionable little font duo with a chilled personality. Forever Soulmates is based on the currently

Source: Forever Soulmates Font Duo ~ Script Fonts on Creative Market

INTRODUCTORY PRICING • ONLY $8! Looking for a fun typography font for summer, and some adorable graphics to go with it? Well look no

Source: Melon Mojito Font + Vectors ~ Fonts on Creative Market

Create your own custom branding scenes with our all new Custom Branding Creator. The perfect bundle to help you easily brand yourself, your

Source: Custom Branding Creator- 100+ Items ~ Product Mockups on Creative Market

Small Business Week – 3 – Design and Content

Source: — Discounted design bundles with extended license! | Creative Flat Illustrations

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INTRODUCING FONT & GRAPHIC BUNDLE Hello! All beautiful fonts crafted carefully with full attention to details. These fonts are perfect

Source: Font & Graphic Bundle – 95% off ~ Script Fonts on Creative Market

from a painted wall on to providing resources for you and your projects, enjoy, in .eps, .pat, .psd, .pat – something many with a load of colour and texture

Source: against the wall | f4mmedia –

Buy and sell handcrafted, mousemade design content like vector patterns, icons, photoshop brushes, fonts and more at Creative Market.

Source: Free Goods Of The Week ~ Creative Market


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Small business week – 2 – Web design   

Even small businesses can benefit from using their own website. It could be to do the simplest of tasks:

  • provide contact details, e-mail, telephone, social media
  • location and opening hours
  • basic business information, what you do, what you sell, what you provide
  • examples of the above, ie., content, photos, graphics/illustrations
  • basic information for customers/clients, the basics of CRM, customer relations management, frequently asked questions and similar

WordPress theme built for the next generation of Construction websites .

Source: Constructzine PRO: Construction Company WordPress Theme    

The design and content, the look and feel of your website has a lot to say about you though. Get it right and people feel comfortable, they have a direct sight of you and your brand, they feel at home. It is possible to get free hosting and templates – take a look at Wix, for example, and here you will find templates from Theme Isle, there some free ones as well. Choose something that is a proper backdrop to what you do and how you do it. F4mmedia can help with all that as well – there are all sorts of resources available via us, this blog and more. We can help with advice as well. Be careful about doing it all yourself unless you have a clear idea and understanding of what you are doing and what you want and need. We have all seen disasters incarnate online. They do not speak well for the businesses concerned.

A few words about «Platinum» — «Platinum» — Responsive multipurpose html template, built on Twitter Bootstrap. Unobtrusive, simple and

Source: Platinum – Responsive HTML template ~ HTML/CSS Themes on Creative Market

WordPress theme built for the next generation of Review websites .

If you have sorted the basics of your site, then you can start to decorate it, stock it with content that makes you look good and explains more about you. Below are some banner templates, they can be an option. Video is often well looked on by search engines and can provide a useful insight and promotion of your brand. Having the right graphics is a must. There are so many styles available as options and well in fashion at present. We recently ran a whole series on ‘watercolour’ as a style along with the resources to go with it, particularly the calligraphic brush script fonts that set it off nicely. So, do you want a corporate look, home based, gentle and artisinal, handmade, outdoor, comfortable suburban, which? There are styles to go with all of these ideas and more. We will be showing you more ideas and resources in the coming days and weeks.

Source: BookRev: Magazine / Book Reviews WordPress Theme 

Google Web Designer HTML5 adv banners template. 7 most popular ad formats. Features: Easy to edit, repeating clean animation, interactive

Source: HTML5 adv banner template ~ HTML/CSS Themes on Creative Market

=== Forefront === Forefront is a fully responsive theme that helps you to create a strong-yet beautiful-online presence for your business.

Source: Forefront ~ WordPress Business Themes on Creative Market

There are basic questions to ask yourself in all of this:

  • will people generally look for you from home?
  • if they are going to look for you via smartphone or tablet you may want to ensure you have a responsive website
  • is there something useful you can put forward via audio or video?
  • does it need big pictures?

A grab bag of textures and patterns from grungey to geometric and psychedelic, something for a bit of fun with your projects, a range of file types to make things a little easier

Source: Pattern bundle 2 for free | f4mmedia –

Choose your favorite colors and get your Material Design palette generated and downloadable.

Source: Material Design Color Palette Generator – Material Palette


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Download Magnificent font today from Font Bundles

Source: Magnificent Lite – Free Font | Font Bundles

Small business week – 1 – Social Media and Marketing [Infographic]

Even a small business can benefit from an online presence – the major choices though are whether to be website centric, even if it is just a case of making easily available your contact details and basic information about your business, its services, products etc. – or social media centric, offering up basic content, business messaging and general customer relations – or doing both. Whatver the choices are that you make, you need to do it right, making your efforts count.

The content you provide makes the difference, be it via a website or via social media. That content also needs to be put out there at the right time and have the right look and feel so that it reflects well on your business.

Here are the ad specs and sizes for ads in Facebook and Instagram.

Source: [Infographic] Ad Specs for Facebook and Instagram – Tabsite Blog

24hours_of_youtube_lgHere are some fun facts about what happens on YouTube in a typical day. You’ll be amazed at all the activity that goes on on YouTube.

Source: 24 Hours of YouTube [Infographic] – Tabsite Blog

… and if you want video and more creating for your small business –

marketing services, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, content marketing, business video, social media, online marketing, content creation, digital publishing,

Source: f4mmedia Sheffield small business marketing, content creation, design

During Small Business week we hope to bring you a few ideas to get you thinking. We hope that we will offer one or two suggestions that may help in the whole process of putting your business forwards and offer up useful bits and pieces of resources that will help you along the way. Please share, take a look, enjoy …

Case study 5 – style is half the message

Style = colour choices + font choices + background + design + illustration +

The images you present to potential clients or customers say something deep about your business. Design gives you a particular place within the marketplace.

25 Beautiful Branding and Identity Design ideas for your inspiration.

A cornerstone of any design or series of designs is the palette used. Your key colours say a lot about you and your company – take a look at the following …

Mobile Designing Color Trends with Examples.

The Role of Color in Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC] | Social Media Today.

How do colors affect purchases? Infographic.

True Colors Infographic – Breakdown of Color Preferences by Gender.

Font use is a maor element of how you say something.

2013 Font Trends ~ Creative Market Blog.

Why Typographic Voice Matters to Your Brand | Paper Leaf Design.

Choose The Right Font – A Practical Guide To Typography On The Web | Best PSD to HTML.

… and then to style per se …

In previous posts I have shown examples of certain styles popular at present – flatstreet1




big picture ex1

big picture city style

business website design f4mmedia

f4mmedia business website 3

business website f4mmedia 2

business quote f4mmedia

splashflat f4mmedia

trip design 3

trip design aro


trip design 1




park3key keybrand b1


Quite an assault on the senses isn’t it. The point is to decide who and what your targets are. Ask yourself the question – what sort of image and lettering fits with all of that – who you are trying to reach, what you are trying to say, how you want to show yourself as a company to those prospects – then do it – complete the equation.

Free High-Quality Business Card Templates PSD | Professional Business Card | Graphic Design Inspiration.

Designing Above The Fold – Is It Still Relevant?.

10 Crucial Lessons From History’s Greatest Graphic Designers | Co.Design | business + design.

Styles and designs for each company and industry vary – for the music and entertainment side of things, for example, check out colours heard the sister blog to this one.