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Create your own custom branding scenes with our all new Custom Branding Creator. The perfect bundle to help you easily brand yourself, your

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In this post you’ll learn about adwords. There are 3 types. Find out which is right for your business.

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Buy and sell handcrafted, mousemade design content like vector patterns, icons, photoshop brushes, fonts and more at Creative Market.

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… and here you can a little introduction to some of the services offered by our sister organisation – futurhood av


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I have worked on 2 continents in a variety of posts, industrial, commercial and more. I now create video, music, marketing materials as well as perform visually

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f4mmedia Stock Footage, royalty free and instantly downloadable.

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the work of Des Bate his project the entertainingtoolbox, futurhood av, f4mmedia, graphic design, illustration, audio-visual art, musiv video creation, text

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Music and marketing 3 – video

Video is used far more now by those within the music industry. Not only are the big names getting stuck in to the medium, even small bands, producers, labels and venues have the self same opportunity.

Video flyers are something of a new approach to promoting an event, a release and the like. They can add significantly to the content distributed via social media. Here are a few examples

Here is a vlog produced by some friends.

Here are some examples created by futurhood av, with whom we are connected.

Vlogs and video interviews allow you to be chatty, personable and get basic information across. They allow you to present yourself in a direct and engaging manner. Within this category you can also place ‘the retrospective’ – the presentation of and event or a performance – flavour delivered directly.

Music videos are a product all of their own. They give the music that extra visual dimension. Here are some from futurhood av

Adding music videos to the mix creates additional engagement with your audience. You as a brand acquire another dimension above and beyond the production or performance of music.

Choose your channels – click on the links below

dm3youtube-logo1 imagesvim imagesmetLet us know if we can help. Discuss all of your needs with futurhood av – click the link below

fhavbanner5All of this is obviously just a taste of the what and how of video in music. There is more to come …

Digital marketing and the music industry: six key trends for 2014 | Econsultancy.

Various resources – free downloads on our sister blog – colours heard

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I have not posted much in the way of graphics resources recently here and so I will remedy that forthwith. Here you will find links via our sister blog – colours heard – a whole array of nice new photoshop resources. Enjoy yourselves, download away …

metals and more

new design resources


from snow to colour

some of our other work – the entertaining toolbox
f4mmedia on wix

the webstore on artery
an f4mmedia webstore

portfolio on behance

portfolio on dropr

youtube – f4mmedia – business and more

youtube – futurhood av – arts and entertainment, music videos and more

There is a lot more to come. Take a look at the colours heard blog – it will be dealing far more with the music, video, motion graphics, performance, music video, design side of things, as well as being a place for me to reminisce on times past doing all sorts of entertaining things. There will be a lot more uploaded to the deviant art page as well as to both of the youtube channels.

I hope these are useful and that you enjoy the other blog as well as this one.

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