We will try to post a regular stream of interesting content.  Timings may be a little erratic, but that all depends on the work at hand. Being a small business it can be hard being in 3 places at once. We will repress various items we think are of interest, or have some real value. Our content will range over quite an area courtesy of the many things in which we are involved. So, you will get posts relating to our work on both sides of the coin – small business marketing, content creation, social media, as well as posts relating to the entertainment world – music, video, burlesque, audio-visual art and more.

We hope you enjoy and can find some value.

f4mmedia is involved directly or via its sister organization futurhood av in a number of different areas:

  • help for small businesses
  • social media consultancy
  • social media management
  • social media content creation
  • business video creation
  • music videos
  • filmed performance
  • event visuals
  • promotion and marketing
  • services to musicians, bands, DJ’s, venues
  • we also occasionally perform both as DJ’s and VJ’s

Des Bate the central figure of both organizations has had a varied history:

  • first DJ’ing for an audience in 1970, still doing so today
  • made music music videos across a number of genres but including dubstep, hip hop, psychobilly, electro, house – minimal and commercial, breaks
  • VJ’ing for a number of club nights and events including Subtitle, Bass Bar, Feedback, Room 303, Tinnitus, Colin the Alien, Sanctified
  • made audio-visual art pieces, they can be found along with music videos and filmed events on the futurhood av youtube channel
  • he has been doing marketing and social media work for and with the Swedish media company Triple One Media
  • major areas of current involvement include the local company S3e ltd. and the charity Belong
  • in the past he presided over the birth of chav haute couture opening Burberry’s factory shop in 1989
  • he has also lived and worked in Africa

blog awards

We have recently been the featured blog – nice!

At this moment on the futurhood av front:

  • we are creating new audio-visual art project content for installations and events
  • audio producers get in touch if you would like to be involved
  • still creating music videos, recent work includes material made for New Sense and Kommon
  • there is work underway on music video projects for Matt Cooling-Stones and Local Dave

Just as Des Bate work is being done on a series of new e-books:

  • moments from a partially medicated life vol.2
  • portraits of my friends as leaves
  • pastoral discards
  • paper, burnt, stained, torn
  • the question is whether to look to creatre regular e-book magazines for sale on a donation basis, suggestions please – they would be based around ideas of graphic design, graphic art, illustration, text, poetry, essays, general musings etc.

are you really open all hours?

On the f4mmedia side of things we are looking at:

  • after effects templates for businesses
  • photoshop textures, patterns, brushes
  • general print design templates for photoshop and illustrator
  • new business videos
  • the branding e-book

des bate | manager at f4m media | Bio & Portfolio.




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