Traditional marketing – is it dead?

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Is traditional marketing dead? | dotRising.

Things move on. In just the same way that radio, then television affected how businesses marketed themselves, the internet began a process of change that continues. Now with mobile phones and mobile internet things move on again. How we use such instruments make a difference in how businesses, even small and local businesses, need to act to stay in stream or ahead of those around them.


Having a website is not enough – should it be responsive ie., mobile friendly? Do your target customers regularly use their mobile while they are about their business? Does that target audience regularly use social media? if so why aren’t you? Do you post the right content on those channels? Do you use the right apps and similar add-ons?

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S3E Ltd

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It’s nice when things are simple – S3E ltd make it so. They provide a cleaning service for businesses and in doing that provide core support for a local charity – Belong, in turn providing help and support for adults with learning difficulties.

All of this is done simply and with a smile.


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