offers – New Year discounts

We specialize in small and local business marketing. For the coming New Year we have a series of offers available. It does not matter whether you are a local shop, a small manufacturer or service operation – we can help!

We like to put in a little art, a slightly different design in our content. Make yourselves that little bit different with just that extra twist we supply.

Business video is well within the reach of small and medium sized businesses. You can do it yourself but at our prices we are as cheap – we also have a background, we have experience that you do not have!

Print design, online content, business video, digital publishing, websites …

There is a saying in Yorkshire – it costs nowt to talk! so get in touch and we can discuss all of your needs …

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futurhood av – new year offers

Yes, there are offers to be had on the entertainment front as well – get in touch if you want some help …

We can help with music video creation, VJ performance, filming events, performances,graphic design – cd covers, cd inserts, logos, posters, flyers – website help, event visuals, video flyers, listings, social media, general promotion. Still DJ as well.

We can help in pretty well every genre of music and we have worked with burlesque performers, circus performers, cabaret and more …

futurhood av

You can find examples of our work on

Get in touch – as they say round here – it costs nowt to talk!


video for music

Audio-visual art – wireframe, steam

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A little more audio-visual art from futurhood av … we hope you enjoy!

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and here a new friend who has a real service

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Every business can do with a little help here and there. We would like to give you that help – nothing fancy, just some honest reductions. We can help almost any business … no selling ice to eskimos, or baseball to Americans …

We can give you that little extra as the New Year approaches and then begins –

  • business video ,creation, it is now well within the reach of the small business
  • digital publishing, e-books and presentations designed and written with craft
  • social media content, from facebook headers to animations, podcasts and graphic design
  • a branding work up, a real brand landscape, images, icons, taglines, brand story threads
  • help with the current website or a completely new one, designed to suit

Take a look at the ‘offers’ page

To add to all of the above here are a few freebies:

free download video backgrounds

indesign template

psd freebies

covers – designs

covers and business cards

textures 1

textures 2

Music videos and audio-visual art – new material and offers

fhavbanner5 quantizelogo1a fh logo 3 7YCPWMFQGRD

The maker of the music video all too often goes relatively unnoticed. We add to what the audio producer creates …

We are offering a series of special discounts on services to the music and entertainment world in the New Year. Get in touch if you would like to know more. We can help not only with music video creation and indeed go beyond the music world having worked with burlesque performers, circus and others. We can offer help with websites, event filming, performance filming, social media content and campaigns, graphic design for logos, cd and dvd inserts and covers, promotional work in general, event visuals – we VJ as well ….



elements – free downloads and portfolios

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Here we have a few new free downloads – part of a collection I am calling ‘dirty boxes’. There will be new products using these and similar very soon. Below new uploads in the elements series of style books and portfolios.

a few more bits and pieces of graphics and illustration, the imagination running in idle moments


25 Scrap Material Sculptures by Brain Marshall – The worlds first robot orphanage.

20 Best 3D Animated Short Films and TV Commercial Videos.

digital publishing – free resources – downloads

Here are a few resources for you – digital publishing and print – for your business. Let us know if there are any other bits and pieces that may be of use. We design and provide resources for businesses of all sorts and in almost all media – print, digital publishing, video, social media content …

free downloadcoveryellowcorp





download 1

download 2