Arthouse and mathematics – audio-visual art, music videos and more

Here are a couple of excerpts from a recent audio-visual art project – heftily weighted onto the music video side of things. The project as a whole will ultimately involve a series of pieces, some having remixes done by friends or those who have been invited.

The visuals are creations of quantize of futurhood av, the audio are arrangements created by silverback dj.

Futurhood av as a whole does a whole range of work within the entertainment field. Not only do they look to create audio-visual art pieces, they are currently looking at setting up a series of events to showcase the forthcoming, or current, pieces –

  • ‘moments from a partially medicated life’, accompanying the e-book
  • arthouse, along with a series of its variations and remixes
  • yellow blur, with the ‘opposites distract’ variation
  • pastoral discards, the av work
  • sepia
  • fragile life

Outside of this we still DJ and VJ for events.


Here you can find a few f the silverback dj sets.


Here you can find the music videos, VJ resources and av art.


showreel 2

Here you can find a couple of the very old showreels.

… and some of the materials from the crypt …




Every once in a while you need a doodle to while away the smiles and chuckles.

Above and beyond all of this you will find a whole range of current materials in the freebie section of this site.

We have also done work for others – circuses, burlesque performers, as well as creating a variety of music videos – psychobilly, hip hop, dubstep, electro, house, minimal and more. We have supported or worked with club nights and events, as performers and helping with promotion – Spannered, Subtitle, Feedback, Colours Heard, Aromatiq, +Plus, Colin the Alien, Lunar Acoustics, Fish for Missiles.

Get in touch if we can help – website.

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New projects – audio-visual art, remixes – arthouse, opposites distract, yellow blur and more

Here are a couple of tasters from some of the projects being undertaken under the futurhood av banner. We are hoping that there will also be remixes added to the whole project by Matthew Cooling-Stones, an old friend and collaborator. Get in touch if you would like to join in with the creative fun.

Here is a freely downloadable element of the whole project. More of these will be available via the webstore.

Design resources – video, textures, prints, brushes, patterns, inspiration …

We do our best to supply you with a variety of freebies, downloadable materials and resources to help you in your projects. Here is a bit of a roundup …

video resources and more

deviant art resources

prints, textures, brushes, patterns

portfolios on behance

Business video – 1 – an introduction

Marketing needs content for it to be meaningful. Getting your business message across is a lot easier if, as it were, there is some meat on the bones. Give it some substance! Given recent google updates as well video content helps immensely with your seo.

examples of business video
The classic article listing business video categories and types can be found here, and yes, if you think about it carefully and correctly there are that many forms of video.


Even small businesses have video within their reach, whether it is made for them by a company such as this or perhaps doing it themselves.


another article

business video

social media today

content marketing


E-books, design and … free resources

Out of some of the work done for a new project involving a music video, t-shirt design and so on, for a local band called New Sense, here are some new resources:

Business card and cover designs available in illustrator and photoshop formats here. 

If you would like more of the jpegs and the video source files let me know, some will soon be avilable via youtube, some via the webstore.

I am currently working on a new series of e-books. In the months to come you may see:

– moments from a partially medicated life, vol.2

– portraits of my friends as leaves

– paper, burnt, stained, torn vol.2

– pastoral discards

Here are a few tasters courtesy of slideshare:


the shapes in things to come

moments taster

paper burnt stained torn

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For more on what we are up to at the moments check out the twylah page

Of course, you can visit the webstore for a variety of resources and services.

You can also take a look at deviant art

patterns hair today 1

patterns hair today 2



patterns from food

New sense – a new project – design, music video and more

A new project for me – design, animation and ultimately a music video for a local outfit called ‘new sense’. The forthcoming track – ‘the escape’ – will be released shortly, in and around the 29th.
Here are some of the pieces created for the project as a whole. Out of all of this other materials will be made available – an after effects project, design templates and some video backgrounds.

Grunge – design style – resources, downloads

and below a few links to resources and inspiration



grunge design


spyre studio

grunge style


grunge design


design history

photoshop patterns

photoshop brushes

another set of downloadable resources for your projects

photoshop files

more psd’s

please take a look at the webstore