Social Media Stats That Matter 2019

Social media is daily life these days and has been for a while. Before you say it, yes! I do remember the days before social media – I am that old – I just refuse to admit to having a dinosaur as a pet! It is not only daily life in general for people, worldwide, it is also daily business life. Having the right social media presence is a must for even the smallest, most local of businesses because the people up the street and down the road pay attention. You never know, they might just react in a positive way to what you post.

Are you trying to figure which social media platforms are best for your business? Would you like to know where you should spend your social media marketing budget?

Source: 62 Social Media Stats That Matter for Your Business in 2019 – Infographic

Are you considering your social media plan of action for 2019? Want to know the tactics that will help you stand out on social media over the next 12 months?

Source: 8 Social Media Tactics to Help Your Business Dominate in 2019 – Infographic

Looking for best times to post to Instagram? This infographic illustrates the latest Instagram stats like user demographics, best times to post and more.

Source: Instagram Stats [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to get more Instagram followers? Want to create an Instagram profile that generates huge follower engagement?

Source: 8 Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow a Massive, Engaged Following [Infographic]

Instagram – the rising channel

Instagram is the new social media channel getting everyone’s attention. Take a look at ours – f4mmedia, we are growing and if you want to be included give us a shout.

Just a little while ago it was Pinterest getting the glory and the story of our beloved social media channels goes on. Any business needs a social media presence, even if it is small and discrete. It is how people know you exist and from a particular beginning you can tell your story, hopefully growing with each day and each mention.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform, with its range of tools and features being expanded on almost every day. Here’s a look at the history and development of the image-sharing app.

Source: 101 Facts About Instagram [Infographic]

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If you want to maximize engagement on the platform, then you need to know how to find the best times to post on Instagram.

Source: The Best Times to Post on Instagram in 2018

Wondering what the future of Instagram marketing will look like? Here are 5 Instagram trends to pay attention to.

Source: 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Instagram Marketing

Social Media Usage in 2018 – continuing the story

When sorting out your social media plans you need to take into consideration all the relevant information. This can be a big task and so here are a few more guidelines for you. Fit your activity to your needs and the hopes and desires of those you are trying to reach. Take a moment to think. Put yourself in other people’s place.

Do you plan to invest some of your marketing budget into social media over the next year? Want to ensure your spend is going to be worthwhile?

Source: 60+ Social Media Stats for 2018 – 2019 – Infographic

Social media usage continues to grow – check out these stats on the rising reliance on social media.

Source: 8 Fascinating Facts of Social Media Usage in 2018 [Infographic]


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

Social Media – a few ideas for your business

Every business can make use of a social media presence. The big question is thoug, how to do it right for you and what you are doing. Here are a few helpful ideas to give you a boost along the way.

Don’t forget that there is a massive range of social media platforms – channels you can potentially use to grow your business …

While big-name influencers can boost brand awareness, micro-influencers may actually have more capacity to inspire action and conversions.

Source: The Power of Micro-Influencers on Instagram

Facebook’s rolling out some new options which will enable brands to create video content from still image and text assets.

Source: Facebook Rolls Out New Options for Creating Video from Still Image and Text Assets

Facebook ads are one of the most cost-effective ways to get attention on your brand. Not only are they affordable, but the potential reach is huge. This cheatsheet to basic Facebook ad guidelines will get you started with understanding Facebook ad types, ad costs, and more.

Source: Facebook Ad Guidelines Cheat Sheet

Do you know your geotag from your hashtag, your native ad from your meme? If you find yourself unsure about the latest buzzwords, check out this list.

Source: Social Media Glossary: 100+ Terms and Definitions for Online Success [Infographic]

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Digital Marketing- Your Marketing Strategy

Aside from the fact that we can help with all of this –,, …

here are a few ideas and resources to help you along the way…

In these times we need to do a lot to get our message across. Although things such as print took a dive in terms of interest a while ago it has revived in terms of its usefulness but it needs to sit beside the wide potential of the online, digital elements of your overall message. Having a website to refer to is a must, as well as having a business card or introductory flyer or brochure you can hand to people in passing. Each stands as a reference point giving a clear way or many that people can get in touch, to ask questions, clarify things, enquire about products or services, make an order. In each case, be it your business card, your bifold or trifold, your landing page and those that follow, as well as your social media channels, each needs to look right and not some tawdry mess thrown together by some ridiculous amateur. Having an idea of current design styles is a useful thing, similarly using reasonably and fitting text styles fits with it all. Print and websites act as foundational reference points, the building blocks of your business and its presence, social media is your way of continuing the conversation, adding further stories, giving you a real building that can be seen from a distance. Making it all more than just a few words gives your presence real texture – so add images, photos, video, perhaps sound via a podcast or music and voice-over to your video.

„Digital Marketing“ is one of those terms with which we all have a feeling that we know what is means, but when it comes to nailing it down we somehow get stuck. In the end, it is not clear which types of digital marketing we are talking about. So instead of going for something soft like „it is related to…

Source: 10 Types Of Digital Marketing You Should Know – And Consider For Your Marketing Strategy

Instagram is a powerful tool for marketers to use to reach target audiences. In this infographic, you’ll learn 139 facts about Instagram you should know.

Source: 139 Facts About Instagram

As 2018 planning is ramping up, there are 3 social media marketing trends that you should play close attention to.

Source: 3 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

Hashtags can be an effective way to boost your brand message – here are six tips on how to maximize your brand hashtag use.

Source: 6 Ways to Optimize Hashtags for Business [Infographic]


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

Lisa Marcyes, Senior Social Media Marketing Manager at Marketo, gives 3 ways to help you choose the best social network for your brand including 50 stats.

Source: 50 Stats to Help You Choose The Right Social Networks for Your Brand


Social Media, Marketing Automation and more

If you need help with all of this get in touch –

Social media is a key feature of current marketing. It is also the case that email marketing is making something of a serious comeback to the extent that is a major thread of many businesses and projects. But still, without at least something of a social media presence businesses get left behind. Many channels are key in CRM but given the rise of illustration, photo based content and graphics in general, to say nothing of the continuing rise of video in content, there is so much you can do with social media full stop. As I have always said, there is an absolute need to balance your content, give proper weight to text, audio, graphics, illustration and video where possible. What you say is better with the right visual accompaniment – pictures add to what you say, they fill it out, give it flesh and emotion. From there you can add ways of automating the whole process so that you are not spending ridiculous valuable working time on all of these efforts. Then again you can get someone else to do it for you –, may just be helpful.

Need to get more out of your marketing but don’t have the time? Marketing automation helps organizations by automating repetitive actions. Learn more here

Source: [Infographic] What Is Marketing Automation?

We have been asked in the past to write more about Pinterest. I promise I will! And I have noticed something interesting about Pinterest and Marketers: Many of the big name online marketers are not at all that big on Pinterest. Posts about Pinterest on their blogs are rather guest posts from others than success stories of their own. Does…

Source: 11 Facts And Statistics You Didn’t Know About Pinterest


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

What’s coming next for Instagram? Here are our 2018 predictions.

Source: 5 Predictions for Social Media Marketing on Instagram in 2018 | Social Media Today

While social media marketing is all the rage, many traditional approaches are still effective, as highlighted in this infographic.

Source: Attack of the Zombie Marketing Channels [Infographic] | Social Media Today



Content – Design, Styles, Marketing – 6

The colour you use adds not only emotion but points to other basic areas of meaning. It is part of the message. It has its own psychology.

There is a real difference in the effects that, for example, a bright, full, basic colour will have upon someone looking at your content in comparison with that provoked by a softer, gentler, perhaps pastel shade will generate. There is a difference between the strident, blaring simplicity of one and the more subdued suggestions of the other. This can and should be echoed in the accompanying text. Are you shouting a statement or telling a story perhaps with a little decoration? Are you making a plain statement or suggesting a scene, a background, gesturing towards a series of feelings.

Color Theory 101: The Basics at Line25, your #1 web design blog.

Source: Color Theory 101: The Basics

Choosing a Palette in Photography.

Source: The Influence of Color. – The Art of Photography – Medium

Similarly your choice of illustration – accompanied by its own palette and the emotions it brings along – makes a statement, it aids in telling the story, it also suggests what all of your content should be bringing to the table. You are looking to have particular groups, segments of the viewing public relate to your content in an effectively positive way. One should reinforce the other and so on – colour, image, text, channel, timing.

Top 10 Predicted Design Trends for 2017 at Line25, your #1 web design blog.

Source: Top 10 Predicted Design Trends for 2017


We recap 2016’s biggest stories, predict trends for 2017, celebrate the music of George Michael, share rants, raves, and more – Content Marketing Institute

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This is the most comprehensive list of Twitter Marketing Tips on earth.Whatever your goals are, you’ll love this list!

Source: Twitter Marketing Tips: The Complete List – Get More Twitter Followers Boost your Twitter Marketing

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