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Need help with your Linkedin Profile? LinkedIn is a great tool for B2B and Job Searches. Here’s a LinkedIn cheat sheet that can help you use it effectively.

Source: The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

Different social media sites offer different virtues for your business. Here’s how to optimize each one based on when you post.

Source: The Best (And Worst) Times To Post On Social Media (Infographic) | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

  Created by Towergate Insurance.

Source: Color in branding: What does it say about industry? – Creative Tim’s Blog

I will write a series of short, pithy, useful pieces of text that can be used for graphics, social media and other online and offline marketing. Similar to slogans they will add to your branding and marketing – giving you more buzz, zest and interest from buyers. They will add a creative and imagina

Source: 10 taglines, endlines, straplines | Zeerk





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The colour you use adds not only emotion but points to other basic areas of meaning. It is part of the message. It has its own psychology.

There is a real difference in the effects that, for example, a bright, full, basic colour will have upon someone looking at your content in comparison with that provoked by a softer, gentler, perhaps pastel shade will generate. There is a difference between the strident, blaring simplicity of one and the more subdued suggestions of the other. This can and should be echoed in the accompanying text. Are you shouting a statement or telling a story perhaps with a little decoration? Are you making a plain statement or suggesting a scene, a background, gesturing towards a series of feelings.

Color Theory 101: The Basics at Line25, your #1 web design blog.

Source: Color Theory 101: The Basics

Choosing a Palette in Photography.

Source: The Influence of Color. – The Art of Photography – Medium

Similarly your choice of illustration – accompanied by its own palette and the emotions it brings along – makes a statement, it aids in telling the story, it also suggests what all of your content should be bringing to the table. You are looking to have particular groups, segments of the viewing public relate to your content in an effectively positive way. One should reinforce the other and so on – colour, image, text, channel, timing.

Top 10 Predicted Design Trends for 2017 at Line25, your #1 web design blog.

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We recap 2016’s biggest stories, predict trends for 2017, celebrate the music of George Michael, share rants, raves, and more – Content Marketing Institute

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This is the most comprehensive list of Twitter Marketing Tips on earth.Whatever your goals are, you’ll love this list!

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Getting your message out there needs usually proper decoration – it needs supporting content, something to give a general background, a setting, a visual re-affirmation of what is being said. Hero headers, scenes, mock-ups are just part of all of that. They help to give proper location to the whole branding effort – it is placed, rather than allowed to wander without purpose.

Here are some great free PSD mockup scene creators that come with 50+ ready-made mockup/scene templates and over 400 individual items in total!

Source: 40 PSD Mockup Scene Creators | Free and Premium| Over 1K+ Objects

Then in anything you do, design wise, it is sensible to follow a particular palette. Just as design styles have their own fashions, alongside the accompanying typography, your colour scheme has its own set of trends as well as well understood psychology.

The idea is to create a color palette that grabs the attention of users, sets the right mood for a project and helps deliver content effectively.

Source: How to Create a Perfect Color Scheme [Infographic] – Designmodo

more patterns for your use – well coloured, with a hint of grafitti- urban but not too extreme

Source: graf pattern bundle | f4mmedia –

Wood surface imagery, patterns, backgrounds, textures – all adding an arty feel wherever you apply them. A range of file types to help. Moments of grunge, delicate colouring, roughness, grain, shape,

Source: Wood Surface | f4mmedia –

But then does your content have to be either text or image? Video is increasingly used and useful in getting messages across and adding a suitable extra dimension to your efforts.

Video is taking content marketing by storm, but you’ll have to do more than just make one to realise its full potential

Source: Why online video is the future of content marketing | Guardian Small Business Network | The Guardian

Design week – 6 – Palettes plus

In this article, you won’t see a single color wheel. Instead it shows you a simple color selection workflow that you can use in your next web project.

Source: A Simple Web Developer’s Guide To Color – Smashing Magazine

Color in design is very subjective. What evokes one reaction in one person may evoke a very different reaction in somone else. Sometimes this is due to personal preference, and other times due to cultural background. Color theory is a science in itself. Studying how colors affect different people, either individually or as a group, is something some people build their careers on. And there’s a lot to it. Something as simple as changing the exact hue or saturation of a color can evoke a completely different feeling. Cultural differences mean that something that’s happy and uplifting in one country can be depressing in another. This is the first in a three-part series on color theory. Here we’ll discuss the meanings behind the different color families, and give some examples of how these colors are used (with a bit of analysis for each). In Part 2 we’ll talk about how hue, chroma, value, saturation, tones, tints and shades affect the way we perceive colors. And in Part 3 we’ll discuss how to create effective color palettes for your own designs.

Source: Color Theory for Designers, Part 1: The Meaning of Color – Smashing Magazine

Color Lisa is a curated list of color palettes based on masterpieces of the worlds greatest artists. Each palette was painstakingly created by color obsessed designers, artists, museum curators, and masters of color theory.

Source: Color Lisa – Curated Color Palette Masterpieces

Source: Impalette | Scan Images for Dominant Pantone Colors and Generate a Color Palettes


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

In search of lost colours | f4mmedia –

Moving from the drudgery of everyday working and business life you search for something more, a new palette to enliven your imagination and find so much in just the ordinary and everyday. Then you mov

Source: In search of lost colours | f4mmedia –

Colour — Methods and resources

Color — Method of Action.

Trendy Web Color Palettes and Material Design Color Schemes & Tools.

GraphicsFuel | Premium & Free Graphic & Web Design Resources! – 10 Web Design Trends For 2015.

Material Design Color Palette Generator – Material Palette.

Your use of colour says as much about you in your marketing and branding process as any other element. It needs to point to the right emotions, the right social context. It needs to balance with the actual imagery. Interaction with the whole process, the whole story being told has colour as one of the main motivating aspects. Styles of design move on in just the same way that marketing and branding do!

geometrics | 9.4MB .RAR file – geometrics

abstracts geometrical | 586.6MB .RAR file – cover1