Flat Design vs Minimalism vs blurred vs vectored

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To begin with some blurred backgrounds – freely downloadable …

blurred bg f4mmedia (1) blurred bg f4mmedia (2) blurred bg f4mmedia (3) blurred bg f4mmedia (4) blurred bg f4mmedia (5) blurred bg f4mmedia (6) blurred bg f4mmedia (7) blurred bg f4mmedia (8) blurred bg f4mmedia (9)

The use of blurred backgrounds is somewhat old but it still has its uses.

Flat Website Templates: Easy Way of Staying Trendy.

beyond blur F4MMEDIA

blurred bg f4mmedia business

blurred bg f4mmedia content

a line or two

decorative splash


Case study 7 – end notes

[the end of the case study notes …

say it f4mmedia


Key areas put to them included:

  • engagement – calls to action, what can you ask them to do that will help keep you in their mind’s eye
  • the souvenir principle, have something they can take away – for example, business cards,
    a catalogue,
  • content – styled to your brand and your targets

cornershop f4mmedia


adding to city f4mmedia


Other suggestions would include:

  • networking
  • business directories
  • blog articles
  • what can they associate you with, something external – sponsorship
  • e-book of services

some of our other work – the entertaining toolbox
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portfolio on dropr

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rising setting.

on vk – futurhood av and f4mmedia

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Case study 5 – style is half the message

Style = colour choices + font choices + background + design + illustration +

The images you present to potential clients or customers say something deep about your business. Design gives you a particular place within the marketplace.

25 Beautiful Branding and Identity Design ideas for your inspiration.

A cornerstone of any design or series of designs is the palette used. Your key colours say a lot about you and your company – take a look at the following …

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Font use is a maor element of how you say something.

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… and then to style per se …

In previous posts I have shown examples of certain styles popular at present – flatstreet1




big picture ex1

big picture city style

business website design f4mmedia

f4mmedia business website 3

business website f4mmedia 2

business quote f4mmedia

splashflat f4mmedia

trip design 3

trip design aro


trip design 1




park3key keybrand b1


Quite an assault on the senses isn’t it. The point is to decide who and what your targets are. Ask yourself the question – what sort of image and lettering fits with all of that – who you are trying to reach, what you are trying to say, how you want to show yourself as a company to those prospects – then do it – complete the equation.

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Styles and designs for each company and industry vary – for the music and entertainment side of things, for example, check out colours heard the sister blog to this one.

Case study 6 – content

[the case study notes continue …

You need something to bring to the party, standing there and simply looking like you is not enough. You need something to say, a way to carry it to your audience and have it suitably styled and designed. Your content can be all sorts of media – text, graphics, photos, video in particular is extremely useful now, audio – podcasts also have a use.


Your content is what you use to fill your channels, the social media and other online areas of presence, website and more. That content becomes the timeline and the scenery of your business journey.

The form of that content can be many things, the material can be a number of things:

  • basic product and service catalogues
  • help manuals
  • introductions to topics
  • background information on your business


  • print
  • digital publishing – e-books/e-zines, catalogues, business service introductions, help manuals
  • video – animation, film based, intros, ads




Case study 4 – social media channels

[the case study notes continue …

Case study 1 – building or creating – websites for your local business | f4mmedia.

Case study 2 – small local business | f4mmedia.

As I told my friend time spent currently on social media, even as a business owner, can be significant. The best known of the social media channels may be essentially the places where the consumer spends time – facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, youtube, but there are clear reasons for businesses to be present as well. Indeed – youtube has countless videos essentially where businesses target other businesses, as with twitter, even facebook. These are places particularly where small and local businesses can and do sell to each other. Having a social media presence also has SEO implications – social media effort can help overall with online presence and, depending upon how keywords and links are used, can aid in your whole business profile.

In addition to the usual and best known social media channels – facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, pinterest, google+ – there are channels more particualrly of use to businesses – linkedin being the most prominent in the english speaking world, viadeo being rather more french in basis. For even the small business there are very good reasons for having a presence, particularly where you are a b2b business. You can build links, aid in your general online profile and presence, spread your brand message and generally reach potential new business.

Linkedin – The Social Media Platform for B2B Marketing.

Why B2B Marketers Should Use Social Media | MWPartners.

Some channels have disappeared or have declined to an extent making them of no real use overall – myspace, for example, even though it has partially rebranded itself as a place for those involved in music, also orkut, foursquare and so on, vk is probably only of any use to russian speakers and the like.


A beginners guide to Social Media Marketing : Creative Beacon.

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The Do’s and Dont’s of Content Marketing – Infographic.

futurhood av music social media music social media futurhood av 2

Small business tips: how to use social media to boost business | Guardian Small Business Network | Guardian Professional.


Textures – free download

Some free downloads for you here …

texture btm1

texture btm1a

texture btm2

texture btm3

texture btm3a

texture btm3b

texture btm3c

texture btm4

texture btm4a

texture btm4b

texture btm5

texture btm5a


f4mmedia on Dropr.

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rising setting.

f4mmedia f4mmedia on deviantART.

Case study 3 – getting the message out

[the case study notes continue …

Case study 1 – building or creating – websites for your local business | f4mmedia.

Case study 2 – small local business | f4mmedia.

To do business you need to get noticed. For b2b businesses obviously you need other businesses to take notice. Getting your message to other businesses can involve slightly different channels than those you use to reach customers within the general swathe of the public – general consumers.

The combination of medium and message is the key – the channels you use to carry the message and how you present the message delivered – style, content, background, wording.

So … what are you going to say? how are you going to say it? Your actual message needs to be keyed to your targets – your first step must have been to work out who are your targets!

Then the message needs to be framed – is it just going to be text? It has been said repeatedly that adding illustration, giving your message a graphic addition helps in conversions. Do you add music, or spoken word – some audio has real use in getting your message across. Of serious use – video! Google has made its voice heard in terms of the addition of video to websites. Video has real use on all sorts of social media channels – facebook being one, twitter another.


business website f4mmedia 2

tv message f4mmedia

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