Textures and other free downloads

wood pattern 1a

When you are getting on with a variety of projects sometimes you can end up with all sorts of extras produced in the course of your endeavours. Then again, sometimes it is just playtime and you let things happen.

pt 1Here are some more resources – download to your hearts content. Some of these things, backgrounds, textures, patterns etc. were produced in pursuit of other ongoing projects. Some were accidents – no jokes please!

texture db1 wood pattern 1 texture db2pt 5 pt 4a pt 4 pt 3 pt 2wqa13 wqa9 wqa5 vintage09texture2 vintage09texture1 vintage09texture tree2a texture dark1 flbg2 flbg1 carved texture bw pattern1You can find a lot more such resources in previous posts and at f4mmedia on deviantart.