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free resources are always useful, please download as much as you like, here are a few grungey and a few gentle textures and backgrounds, with a hint of colour thrown in along the way …

1151a1suitable and creative design is a must for so many projects and enterprises, sending the message is one thing, making it interesting another, making it attractive and interesting a whole other ball game …

Five Outside-the-Box Ways To Create An Infographic – Creative Beacon.

1151a2Long Shadow Examples in Flat Design | Inspiration | Graphic Design Junction.

Flat Design – This year’s latest hot web design trend.

Avoiding Design Failures: Skeuomorphism and Flat Design.

How to Design a Logo. 1151a35 Trends that Revolutionized Web Design Forever.

Essential Principles of Website Color Scheming.

1151a4the colour and the texture is important in any design –

Psychology of Colors: An Infographic for Designers | Best PSD to HTML. 1151a5 1151a6 1151a7 1151a8 1151a8a 1151a8b 1151a8b1txtrw1






txw3dFree Texture Packs for Webdesign | The DesignPin Blog.

Typography and more – elements vol 2 ed 7

Here is another in the series of elements – the occasional e-zine highlighting work done by us. Here we look at two topics in particular – typography and event promotion. You will find below a whole series of links relating to the matter of typography and fonts in general. I do have a great love for good typography – I am not a trained graphic designer but add my own efforts to our output.

As with all elements  relating to marketing content and output – the design matters! Each component has its part to play – the fonts you use say something directly about the image you have of your brand and the marketing undertaken. It either works or it does not. Take the time and make it work for you rather than against you

  • your message needs to have the right words
  • give it the right font to give it the right visual form
  • similarly for the palette you use
  • have the colours used portray the right emotions

2013 Font Trends ~ Creative Market Blog.

Why Typographic Voice Matters to Your Brand | Paper Leaf Design.

Choose The Right Font – A Practical Guide To Typography On The Web | Best PSD to HTML.

Design and marketing: 2013

Web Design: 20 Hottest Trends To Watch Out For in 2013.

Minimalism moves on and to an extent becomes the new boy on the block – flat design.

Simplified icons, a reduced palette, but often big, bold typography …

geomcover ta11

We have moved away from a general predominance of skeumorphism and on to something much simpler – a partial move on from minimalism per se. I am somewhat reminded of design styles of the past. Here are one or two ideas of my own to throw into the hat and the ongoing discussion.


flatf4m2a– and here a little simple geometricism with varied palettes using tones and shades without any strident notes …

diagcover1tripleone diagcover2tripleone diagcover2tripleone1

flatf4m2 flatf4mCore Principles of Flat Design | Tech Stream.

36 Amazing Examples of Flat Design | CreativePro.com.

What is Fair Coffee? Direct Trade Support Farmers Return Revenue.

2013 Font Trends ~ Creative Market Blog.

Why Typographic Voice Matters to Your Brand | Paper Leaf Design.

Choose The Right Font – A Practical Guide To Typography On The Web | Best PSD to HTML.

5 Former Design Trends That Aren’t Cool Anymore So Stop Using Them | Design Shack.

5 Infographics to Know More About Responsive Web Design | Best PSD to HTML.


– here I use combinations of distress and geometrics and once again simpler fonts and titleing

tilescover2 tilescover3

portfolios, media, design and more – dropr

My friends Matt Cyrankiewicz & Noel Lynagh are building an amazing project, the first portfolio platform for all creative heads, where any type of creative content can be shared and displayed with no hassle. It’s called Dropr (http://dropr.com) and it connects creatives based on the style of their creations. So for example, musicians can meet great visual artists with ease and all creatives are quick to find and hire for projects. Dropr has been shaped by its community and now it has a chance to be released and become a powerful platform for all. Can you help me help my friends? It’s easy:


Step 1: Click on this link: http://igg.me/at/dropr
Step 2: Choose one of their awesome perks.
Step 3: Contribute using Paypal or a credit card. It’s safe and simple!


Option 1: Be in with a chance to win the new iPhone 5s, free Dropr GURU for life, t-shirts and more by sharing the campaign. More info here: http://dropr.com/contest
Option 2: Forget the phone and just share. Click the following links to share on Facebook and Twitter: http://dropr.com/back/facebook & http://dropr.com/back/twitter.


Indiegogo Campaign Video (meet us):

A short video explaining Dropr (animated):

This is the big moment for Dropr. Help us out and become a founder of the first creative-funded creative platform!

Simply reply to this message if you’d like to chat about anything.

Thank you!

Mateusz Cyrankiewicz
Creative Director & Founder

Tweet in one click: http://dropr.com/back/twitter
Facebook in one click: http://dropr.com/back/facebook