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Here are a few more ideas and some resources to go with them. Take a look at your palette selection, your font choices and your general design styles. If you need further help get in touch – We can help with your print design, as well as illustration for your social media posts and, generally, your online content. Add to that taglines created for you and if you need a real rest, we can take over your social media scheduling.

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Discover visual effects trends to look for in 2017. You’ll see a collection of websites that represents the trends fr visual effects in the coming year.

Source: 15 Visual Effects Trends You Must Keep Your Eye On This Year – Creative Beacon

The act of choosing two typefaces is probably the first (and often mo

Source: How to choose and pair typefaces | Zell Liew

When it comes to making charts, scales, and explaining data visually, using color is a very effective tool. Here’s what to do, and what to avoid.

Source: The Power of The Palette: Why Color is Key in Data Visualization and How to Use It | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

The Font Collection Volume II has arrived packed with 40 fantastic and diverse fonts from some seriously talented designers. Save 94% today!

Source: Font Collection Volume II


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f4mmedia Stock Footage, royalty free and instantly downloadable.

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Content – Design, Styles, Marketing – 4

The messages you put out there in support of your business are not just bits and pieces of marketing, they come together as the whole story that is your branding. So, what story fits best with the people you are trying to reach – your targets? When you have decided upon the style of story, how can you decorate it to give it more impact?

Where you have a more thoughtful target group it may be useful to use a gentler narrative. Then to this sort of message you can add artier, crafted images with a gentle palette.

For those people who have less time and a more pressing life – your story and imagery needs, often, to be more direct and have brighter more direct colours in use.

Sometimes a natural background, even muted can make the point. Then using a soft, soft palette having your typography tell the story, at least in its emotive details can do the trick.

Sometimes the choice to be made is between the fully frontal business image and the imaginatively crafted art-based image. One shows that you are all business, the other, all creative imagination. Your backstory can be many things – every business and its surroundings, geographic, economic and mercantile, they are all different. Telling that story can be quite different, rather than a simple clone of this or that. In just the same way each particular element of your target audience, your target customer base, they may have similarities, but they also have slight but particular pieces of the purely individual. Make it resonate.

Do you ever find yourself noticing that a certain design element just keeps popping up? Even those tiny details that look somewhat insignificant can be indicators of design trends. That is particularly true with the elements in this month’s roundup. Each of these trends—white edges framing a web design, cinemagraphs and tiny loading animations—are seemingly simple details that enhance the visual experience for users. Here’s what’s trending in design this month: 1) White edges More web designs are using white edges or framing around the perimeter of the design in the web browser. It’s a new twist on an old idea when more websites were built to certain sizes and framing was used for odd browser widths. It’s something that faded as more designers opted for responsive, full-width designs. The new twist with framing is interesting and is a nice way to create a canvas for the design. Most of the sites using this trend include a white—common, but not mandatory—edge around the design.

Source: Essential design trends, December 2016 | Webdesigner Depot

Kayleigh by Font Bundles Store available for $8.00 at

Source: Kayleigh by Font Bundles Store | Font Bundles

The mythic color standards company says it selected the bright, natural color as a counterpoint to the murky political climate around the world.

Source: Greenery: Pantone hopes its 2017 color of the year will improve our gloomy mood— Quartz

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yes! we can all find a use for wood here and there – here is a range of textures, patterns -.png, .pat, .eps, .jpg – great for any project needing colour and texture, that natural feel but with a litt

Source: new wood old wood for free | f4mmedia –












Content – Design, Styles, Marketing – 3

The content you employ can be everything from a straight, upfront ad through to something more thoughtful. That’big bang’ direct statement of what you are selling, whether it comes with glitter, balloons, rainbows and dancing dogs or not, it has its place. At some point we all need to make a direct statement of what we are offering.

sellfy f4mmedia banner




You can also offer up something a little more thoughtful and imaginative, giving a background feel, setting a scene, being emotive and thus creating appeal and engagement. In both scenarios you need to have done your initial work typifying who it is that are your targets, who is it you are going to sell to, who will take an interest?




Are you looking for ways to improve your Twitter marketing strategy? Want to know the types of content that get more retweets and followers?

Source: Do Twitter Like a Pro: 11 Types of Content to Share With Your Followers [Infographic] – Red Website Design Blog

The following infographic and information is provided by Tom Hopkins and One Productions. Tom is the Managing Director of One Productions a video production agency, with headquarters in Dublin, Irela

Source: Infographic: Snapchat Stories vs Instagram Stories

As 2016 nears an end, designers are continuing to develop visually interesting and bold styles.

Source: 6 Web Design Style Predictions for 2017

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Resources, design, styles

If you want to reach your target audience it is useful to have not only the right message being put out there – you need to present it in a very particular way. Perhaps you could style it in a way that is familiar to those people or businesses. But then again, perhaps you could do something that will catch their eye, use a style that they will certainly notice. It may be something not quite so comfortable for them but gives them pause for thought. To do any of this you will need the right resources to deal with the work yourself or someone to do it for you (and yes you can talk to us about this – check out our site on wix – f4mmedia, we can and will help pretty much no matter who you are or where you are).

backgrounds and illustrations – jpg, eps, psd – floral and leaf based – something to add imaginative colour and design to your projectsthis may be cheap or free for a whilea mega bundle

Source: flower and leaf for free | f4mmedia –

I do have a bit of a thing about leaves – you will find a few leaf based resources on the sellfy site.

Part of what you can do is to use video. Here are some animated patterns which could help in your creations.

here are a few patterns, animated for use in your projects, use them as background, overlay, trim and crop to suit

Source: animated patterns | f4mmedia –

Source: Color in design: Designers choose every color we see on the internet to manipulate our behavior — Quartz

In this guide I want to talk about the importance of font pairing in web design and share a few tips and patterns you can follow.

Source: Design Patterns For Pairing Typography Styles On The Web


Here are leaf images combined with two quite different sorts of fonts. Sit and think about what you want to achieve – the delivery is important, just as the actual item(s) being sent. What style, what typography, what palette, what tagline  – these are all things I have said before.


a variety of patterns and other resources for photoshop, illustrator and more, .eps, .psd, .pat, .png, .jpg – a bundle full of colour – something for so many of your projects – exciting, strange, imag

Source: Wild Colours | f4mmedia –

In this exclusive feature, our experts select the 11 best new typefaces of 2016.

Source: The Best New Typefaces of 2016 (So Far, Anyway) – Print Magazine








Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Design – a bundle of ideas

The message you put out there needs to fit the channel – the words you use, your phrasing, the whole format needs to be right for the channel. Here is a general opening look at the question –

How to optimize copy for social media, website and email marketing. This copywriting cheat sheet infographic has the tips you need.

Source: [Infographic] Copywriting Cheat Sheet – Tabsite Blog

Putting out your message is better when you have something or a few things to brighten up all of those words – add some illustration, again it needs to fit or enhance what you are saying and take the whole exercise forward.

Source: Graphic Means

abstract ackgrounds taken from foliage, bonus png’s and psd’s, something for your content creation

Source: Blown Leaves | f4mmedia –

Give part of the design a typographic makeover – how the words look is subtly as important as what the words say. It gives a further depth to the whole appearance of your message, your content –

Typography for inventive pairings and versatile blends.

Source: Cheers! | Discover.typography by H&Co

Introducing the long-awaited, delightfully handmade ★ANGIE MAKES FONT BUNDLE OF GLORY★ This bundle contains goods that could easily value

Source: Angie Makes Font Bundle of Glory ~ Fonts on Creative Market

Make stunning visuals in seconds with assistance from AI technology. No coding, no templates. Mix content and gain visibility.

Source: Tylio – f4mmedia

Facebook Ad Targeting uses the site’s extensive information about their users to allow you to set detailed and unique profiles for your client demographic.

Source: Facebook Ad Targeting [Infographic] – Tabsite Blog


Wood surface imagery, patterns, backgrounds, textures – all adding an arty feel wherever you apply them. A range of file types to help. Moments of grunge, delicate colouring, roughness, grain, shape,

Source: Wood Surface | f4mmedia –


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New ideas for the week

Just give the week a little push – here are a few design ideas and resources to help you along. Given that there are always new design styles being created, giving more and more options for your content creation, why not explore …

Download Brother Typography Script today from Font Bundles

Source: Brother Typography Script – Free Font | Font Bundles

Download Habgost Script today from Font Bundles

Source: Habgost Script – Free Font | Font Bundles

Having new resources to hand is extremely time saving and can give you great new ideas. We will try to give you all sorts to look through over coming days, weeks, months …

Buy and sell handcrafted, mousemade design content like vector patterns, icons, photoshop brushes, fonts and more at Creative Market.

Source: Free Goods Of The Week ~ Creative Market

Introducing ♥ Forever Soulmates ♥ – a fashionable little font duo with a chilled personality. Forever Soulmates is based on the currently

Source: Forever Soulmates Font Duo ~ Script Fonts on Creative Market

INTRODUCTORY PRICING • ONLY $8! Looking for a fun typography font for summer, and some adorable graphics to go with it? Well look no

Source: Melon Mojito Font + Vectors ~ Fonts on Creative Market

Create your own custom branding scenes with our all new Custom Branding Creator. The perfect bundle to help you easily brand yourself, your

Source: Custom Branding Creator- 100+ Items ~ Product Mockups on Creative Market

Design Trends Spring 2016 – and resources to help

Here are more resources for you to look over. They range from basic graphic design resources to current trends in design and web design. There is a lot going on in such worlds – as always.

As spring signifies rebirth, our latest trends reflect a blast from the past with a twist. It’s all about making your design accessible to the new generation.

Source: Design Trends Spring 2016

bonus patterns amongst a range of arty backgrounds for your design projects – something different but now – a range of imagination for your illustrations

Source: Abstract Art | f4mmedia –

Have Heart is a set of 2 hand-made marker pen fonts, designed to combine perfectly and allow you to create stunning hand-lettering quickly

Source: Have Heart ~ Script Fonts on Creative Market

HOT SUMMER STUFF COLLECTION is a perfect bundle to your design collection. Incredible deal with 85% OFF With this set you can create a

Source: 85% OFF PACK with Extended License ~ Display Fonts on Creative Market


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