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The messages you put out there in support of your business are not just bits and pieces of marketing, they come together as the whole story that is your branding. So, what story fits best with the people you are trying to reach – your targets? When you have decided upon the style of story, how can you decorate it to give it more impact?

Where you have a more thoughtful target group it may be useful to use a gentler narrative. Then to this sort of message you can add artier, crafted images with a gentle palette.

For those people who have less time and a more pressing life – your story and imagery needs, often, to be more direct and have brighter more direct colours in use.

Sometimes a natural background, even muted can make the point. Then using a soft, soft palette having your typography tell the story, at least in its emotive details can do the trick.

Sometimes the choice to be made is between the fully frontal business image and the imaginatively crafted art-based image. One shows that you are all business, the other, all creative imagination. Your backstory can be many things – every business and its surroundings, geographic, economic and mercantile, they are all different. Telling that story can be quite different, rather than a simple clone of this or that. In just the same way each particular element of your target audience, your target customer base, they may have similarities, but they also have slight but particular pieces of the purely individual. Make it resonate.

Do you ever find yourself noticing that a certain design element just keeps popping up? Even those tiny details that look somewhat insignificant can be indicators of design trends. That is particularly true with the elements in this month’s roundup. Each of these trends—white edges framing a web design, cinemagraphs and tiny loading animations—are seemingly simple details that enhance the visual experience for users. Here’s what’s trending in design this month: 1) White edges More web designs are using white edges or framing around the perimeter of the design in the web browser. It’s a new twist on an old idea when more websites were built to certain sizes and framing was used for odd browser widths. It’s something that faded as more designers opted for responsive, full-width designs. The new twist with framing is interesting and is a nice way to create a canvas for the design. Most of the sites using this trend include a white—common, but not mandatory—edge around the design.

Source: Essential design trends, December 2016 | Webdesigner Depot

Kayleigh by Font Bundles Store available for $8.00 at

Source: Kayleigh by Font Bundles Store | Font Bundles

The mythic color standards company says it selected the bright, natural color as a counterpoint to the murky political climate around the world.

Source: Greenery: Pantone hopes its 2017 color of the year will improve our gloomy mood— Quartz

Please like the page – Source: F4mmedia


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

yes! we can all find a use for wood here and there – here is a range of textures, patterns -.png, .pat, .eps, .jpg – great for any project needing colour and texture, that natural feel but with a litt

Source: new wood old wood for free | f4mmedia –













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