The Importance of Visual Content [Infographic]

The visual is a necessity for putting your business forwards in this age. Doing it right can be difficult – styles keep changing. Here is some help!

Is visual content important? Learn the importance of visual content like attention-grabbing visual content to help viewers retain and react to your message.

Source: The Importance of Visual Content [Infographic]

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Here are the hottest 【 Typography Trends 】 for 2019! Hand-written, vintage, variable and lots more – don’t miss a fresh trend! #fonts #webdesigntrends

Source: 10 Typography Trends to Stick to in 2019

Are you looking for ways to improve your graphic content? Want to better utilise graphic content as part of your marketing strategy?

Source: 5 Tips to Create Amazing Graphic Content for Your Marketing Campaigns – Infographic

I create a range of products – design for print, marketing, audio, video and animation. Coming soon will be more in the way of video products, from animation to AE templates and srock footage. All of this after living and working on 2 continents – UK and Africa, working for a whole range of industries and companies, from small venues to multi-nationals. I also supply marketing for small businesses – from social media onwards.

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f4mmedia on Font Bundles – We provide a range of resources – stock images, illustrations, photoshop, patterns, brushes – someth

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Content Marketing &amp and more – history and beyond

Everything has a history and the way you present yourself needs to fit in with what is happening now – even if it points back to a time that has gone. We all know that retro stylings have their uses – flavas change, move on and sort of return even if it has a different palette. Take a think! Take a look! Have a memory moment …

Having a website used to be for only the big boys, now it is a necessary reference point. Using social media was just something individuals did to pass time and deal with friends etc. making them, keeping them, entertaining them, now it is part of the brand conversation. Video used to be just a tv thing or for corporations, now it is for all of us and to post on social media!!!

So, you’ve heard the term content is king, you know content marketing is a great way to improve your SEO, but are you following the one single rule that will lead to success?

Source: The History of Content Marketing & SEO – Infographic

Are you just getting started with a social media marketing campaign? Unsure where to start and need some guidance towards success?

Source: 21 Social Media Marketing Rules – Infographic

Video is the key content trend of the moment – here are some key video marketing trends that are gaining momentum.

Source: 7 Video Trends That Will Dominate in 2019 and Beyond [Infographic]


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Inbound and Online Marketing

Effective website design captures your visitors attention and helps them take the action you want them to take. For a successful website use all 3 elements.

Source: [Infographic] Anatomy of a Successful Website

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Inbound marketing is a cost-effective strategy using your custom content to attract leads. This simple 10 step infographic shows you how to get started.

Source: Inbound Marketing Process: How to Get Started in 3 Months

Looking to boost your brand reputation and recall? Check out these helpful tips.

Source: Brand Recall 101: How Your Brand Can Make a Lasting Impression [Infographic]

Are you struggling to get your website to rank on the first page of Google? Want to see if you’re making any SEO mistakes that could be holding your website back?

Source: 40 Major SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid in 2019 – Infographic

Which of these fit with you?

Finding just the right design style to aid your business can be difficult for many. Some of us have the eye, some don’t. Some of us work well with images and design, many don’t. We try to help! Yes, fitting in with the particular trends of the moment can work reasonably well, but then does that make you stand out? Perhaps a hint of difference can be just the right thing – at least it may get you talked about.

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Download Retro Backgrounds today! We have a huge range of Background products available. Commercial License Included.

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2019 – make it happy and successful

The new year is with us – happy new year! We all want to go beyond what we have managed in 2018 and prior so why not take a moment to think about how to achieve it all.

Some of the above might help. You always talk to us as well –, Perhaps give the new year a personal business boost by making your online presence a little different – add content to your website and social media channels, add a few pieces of different design, say something new!

Here you can see a range of design styles – ask yourself, what fits with you and the message you are putting out? What style speaks to the people you are trying to reach? Above you can see the use of bokeh, retro, abstract and other stylisations, each has its use and they are not all that are possible.

Are you looking to better utilise social media for business in 2019? Want to know how to craft a campaign that generates big results?

Source: 5 Actionable Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy in 2019 – Infographic

ISO Republic is an independent website that provides CC0 stock photos for creative professionals. All images are free for personal and commercial use.

Source: ISO Republic – Free Photos for Creatives


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Images and more to help your projects along

Words speak to those in front of you and your content, but so do images, so does design. Ask yourself – what sort of imagery says enough about you and what you do? What style conveys what you are about? Here are a few ideas for you, there will be many more over the days and months to come – we can help …



Styled Stock Photography

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Styled Stock Photography

Beautiful, free images and photos that you can download and use for any project. Better than any royalty free or stock photos.

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Palettes, Design, Content – make yourself look good

The way you present yourself to the world is important. It’s not just the message, it;s how that message is presented. Important parts of all of this are the typography, the fonts used, the colour scheme, the general palette employed and the overall design. The aim is to provoke a response be it surprise, resonance, satisfaction, intrigue or many more possibilities.

Here are a few ideas to help you along …

Are you trying to pick a colour scheme for your business website? Need some colour inspiration to match your websites objectives?

Source: 5 Colour Palettes to Make Your Website Look Irresistible – Infographic

Beautiful, free images and photos that you can download and use for any project. Better than any royalty free or stock photos.

Source: Beautiful Free Images & Pictures | Unsplash

Some rules of graphic design help to make effective and aesthetic products. Other rules are antiquated. Read on for the latest in graphic design standards.

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