Social Media Stats That Matter 2019

Social media is daily life these days and has been for a while. Before you say it, yes! I do remember the days before social media – I am that old – I just refuse to admit to having a dinosaur as a pet! It is not only daily life in general for people, worldwide, it is also daily business life. Having the right social media presence is a must for even the smallest, most local of businesses because the people up the street and down the road pay attention. You never know, they might just react in a positive way to what you post.

Are you trying to figure which social media platforms are best for your business? Would you like to know where you should spend your social media marketing budget?

Source: 62 Social Media Stats That Matter for Your Business in 2019 – Infographic

Are you considering your social media plan of action for 2019? Want to know the tactics that will help you stand out on social media over the next 12 months?

Source: 8 Social Media Tactics to Help Your Business Dominate in 2019 – Infographic

Looking for best times to post to Instagram? This infographic illustrates the latest Instagram stats like user demographics, best times to post and more.

Source: Instagram Stats [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to get more Instagram followers? Want to create an Instagram profile that generates huge follower engagement?

Source: 8 Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow a Massive, Engaged Following [Infographic]

F4mmedia – Tylio – Social media marketing

Source: Tylio – F4mmedia – Social media marketing

Even small businesses are getting into putting their businesses forward via social media. F4mmedia can help in a few ways. With all of this you need to have the right message, the right content going out on the right channels at the right times. This means having a suitable tagline or slogan. Then back it up with the right expanded message. Also add the right illustration or video or audio. Set the statement, the message in the right background and deliver it to the right people when and where they will notice it.

forward reach relax socmedicon

It is all a case of making things fit along with being informative, or a little entertaining, perhaps even adding a hint of a wow! We try to add illustration, for instance, that ranges from a plain display of what is offered, sometimes an image or three that adds to the whole of the brand, background or landscape, sometimes adding a more theatrical setting for all that is said. Sometimes it is a case of employing real art, adding imagery to a stream of words that gently or forcefully makes people think – taking them somewhere different. All of this, with the copy, the text message as a whole, tells a story – it may be a case of telling the same story once more, with a different twist, sometimes extending the whole brand story with a completely new chapter. It is delivered in the right way, we look for the best channel possible – you don’t hope to read a book in the cinema, do you? You don’t expect to eat chinese food in a pizza house. So, when looking for B2B contacts you look rather more in LinkedIn rather than Snapchat, when you are looking to sell goods locally particular Facebook groups have real use for you.

Twitter is one of the “older” social networks. Still, I often have the impression, that especially with young entrepreneurs and small businesses, Twitter is also one of the most undervalued networks.

Source: 20 Twitter Statistics You Can’t Ignore

Small businesses can use these free social media tools to sell to potential customers, gain likes and solicit and respond to customers.

Source: Social Media Marketing Tools for SMB –

As the saying goes: Everything old is new again. That’s true in design for sure. This month some of the biggest trends in web design aren’t that new at all. Designers are reinventing old-school ty

Source: Essential design trends, October 2016 | Webdesigner Depot

Find statistics, consumer survey results and industry studies from over 18,000 sources on over 60,000 topics on the internet’s leading statistics database

Source: • Statista – The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Market Studies








Brand Design for Businesses

A guide for newbies to start dealing with branding and design

Source: The secret of brand design for businesses — Medium

(Almost) all a Dev should know about Typography!

Source: A Typography Workshop

Zoe Hominick of O2 Business explains the important role technology plays for small businesses in this video from Enterprise Nation TV.

Source: The importance of technology to small businesses – Enterprise Nation

Source: Adobe Campaign

Get a better understanding of how how internet behavior has shifted around the world in the past year.

Source: How Internet Behavior is Changing Around the World [Infographic]

Market research, guides and training on digital marketing. Includes advice on internet marketing strategy and best practice and a digital marketing jobs board for e-commerce and marketing professionals

Source: Econsultancy | Achieve Digital Excellence

Internet Trends, social media and …

Here are nine pro tips that social media marketers need to know from Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report that will help deliver results for your brand.

Source: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report | Simply Measured

96 percent of B2B companies are on Facebook, but many still have trouble measuring ROI and engaging with consumers.

Source: Examining the Current State of Social Marketing (Infographic) | SocialTimes

Yahoo announced yesterday that it will be cutting 15% of its workforce, or about 1,700 jobs, in an effort to bring the flagging Internet company back into

Source: Flickr To Be Scaled Back As Yahoo Trims 1,700 Jobs

Success on YouTube and beyond

Succeeding on YouTube is not easy by a long shot. Often times, you are actively competing against competitors who have been established and popular for a l

Source: Using Devumi To Leverage Social Proof For Greater Success on YouTube

It is so much easier to get yourself a simple marketing video up and on youtube and similar sites. It is no longer the pure domain of the big! It still, though, needs to be produced properly and have a style that speaks to your targets.


A social media attack can be a surreal experience, leaving you bewildered and frustrated. Here’s how to find the best punchlines. – Content Marketing Institute

Source: When Followers Attack: A Monty Python Guide to Maintaining Social Media Harmony

Good videos can be used to drive great sales. These 5 strategies for video advertising will help your company engage users and improve sales.

Source: 5 Reasons Why Video Is Your New Secret Weapon – Marketo

Donovan Hutchinson stamps his snow-caked boots, unwinds his scarf and eases [See what we did there? Did you?] us into December with some tips and resources on integrating animation into our website style guides. A warm animated welcome to 24 ways 2015!

Source: Animating Your Brand ◆ 24 ways

Did you know that the earliest advertisements date back to 4,000 B.C.? That’s right, in early civilization, business owners would paint on highly visible rocks encouraging people to visit their store. 6,000 years later, the paint’s a little different, but the principle is essentially the same. But what if I told you everything is primed to change in a massive way? What if the rocks we’re painting our messages could soon be direct sales channels? The following is a thought-experiment that begins to explore what’s possible.

Source: The Death of Advertising as We Know It — Enterprise Ecommerce Blog – Enterprise Business Marketing, News, Tips & More

MichaelPattersonSocialMediaManagersChecklist the-hectic-schedule-of-a-social-media-manager-1-638

Picking your domain name doesn’t have to be hard. Picking your domain name is a process that should be handled carefully with plenty of planning & research.

Source: Things to Consider Before Picking Your Domain Name

Video Tips for Company promos

There are so many ways you can approach video for your business. There are a huge number of styles you can employ. Choose a style that fits your brand, fits your message and appeals to your target audience. Think of a continuous line from your logo, to your website, to your graphic content, to your promo videos.

A lot of use is being made of a number of visual styles in website design, graphic design for business and in videos:

– minimal, still being made use of

– geometrics and polygonal backgrounds and textures

– flat design with a hefty use of icons and a bold use of colour.

Threads of these stylistic variations can be used in video. Of course, such basic forms as a direct statement to camera remains as a useful option for many businesses. Also what we may refer to as ‘big picture’, using a scene with particular characters and a suitable setting, added voiceover, soundtrack and text, perhaps as a lower third, is of great use.

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Video Marketing Business Video Trends

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How the Best – Top 100 Global Brands use YouTube for Marketing.

Below you will find some freely downloadable resources from me – video backgrounds. Also you will find some of our video portfolio, perhaps giving you one or two ideas.