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We are active in a number of areas as regular readers will know – marketing, content creation , design for print, websites, digital publishing, video, music video creation and various forms of the arts in a wider sense – moments

Adding some interesting design to what you do adds, we hope, a sense of interest and pleasure to the effort.

We have a saying – ‘who put the art into marketing? f4mmedia!’

Having something of interest in front of me, something with a little imagination helps to keep me engaged.

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unify your design, business – new portfolio

Unify your design styles across the publishing divide – print, video, website, digital publishing, social media …

There is nothing worse for any business, small or large, than your marketing and branding presenting a hodhe podge of wildly different campaigns, styles and apporaches. Your image works best if it is solidly within the same vein across all channels. If your print says one thing, your website another, your digital publishing something else, your clients, customers and targets will take you for a disorganised mess, without any clear message. Make it clear who and what you are! The first major thing to do is to have the design style of your of your output complement each other. Have the palette, typography and icons generally agree with each other.

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There are new projects coming through all of the time. Here the partnership with Triple One Media moves on. We are offering all sorts of marketing and branding help to businesses of all sizes in Sweden. There are a number of other projects running through in Sweden as well – a whole new project forum for all companies, organizations and groups, linking freelancers to those who need help with their projects.

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There are a number of things in the pipelines here @ f4mmedia – the partnership with triple one media in Sweden is coming along and new things will be announced shortly, also we have new clients here in Sheffield – projects involving the University and a local business providing new products for those who enjoy their dance and their exercise. There will also be a new channel for advertising your small business online.

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elements 6 – video portfolio – styles, video marketing, easily in reach of small business

A nod towards the minimal. A little wood thrown in. A few icons to populate the space. A distinct message – simple and clean!

Why not add a little texture to what you do? Why keep on using the tired and formulaic?

Unite all of the design schemas across all of your output – print, website, video, social media, digital publishing.

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Formula for Winning Video Ad Campaigns – TED Ads Worth Spreading Report.

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futurhood av and f4mmedia

Together the two organizations deal with design, marketing and content creation for small businesses and the entertainment world – from small venues to bands and DJ producers – to businesses from the UK to Scandinavia.

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design styles and marketing – wood and more, freebies

Take a look at more of the portfolios on scribd, youtube and slideshare

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It is now an easy task to show real uniformity in all of your marketing content – from print to video, not forgetting online content in general.

There are also a raft of current and vibrant ideas for the design and style of any such content. Websites, video and print design have their examples of retro, vintage, minimal, grunge, big photo, distressed and hybrids using elements of watercolour flavours, wood, metal, block colours, palettes ranging from bold uses of colour in geometrics through to subdued and earthy tones, from minimal to floral and vintage.

Throw something distinct into the mix and give your audience something which will not only interest and engage them but leave them with something memorable. Add something of storyline and you have the foundations for real engagement for a long time to come.

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Here we have emphasised wood as a texture and background. Homely, minimal, tactile, warm yet subdued. familiar yet different. Use it as a unifying theme throughout your design, print, digital materials, video, your website as well!

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