Beyond the artist portfolio

An old friend popped round the other day. He is an artist and wanted to talk about projects and possibly working together. We eventually got round to the notion of marketing and promoting artists. As I said, you can promote and market events, products, services but also the artist, which is in a sense a brand. Most artists use a portfolio for basic promotion (as do designers). An idea occurred because we had been talking about mixed media and ways to combine all sorts of content. From the beginnings of a ‘fly on the wall’ film of us chatting and looking at his physical portfolio, it would dissolve into an actual journey through his portfolio in animation with added animated characters and possibly an included adventure or series of adventures with the portfolio itself. Thus the portfolio becomes a separate piece of art in itself and acts as a form of marketing in and of itself. Just an idea – what do you think?

Small clouds a bigger reach



Small businesses have all sorts of problems. You may run across all sorts of possible business but not have the capacity to deal with all of it. A small business cloud, a collective may be the answer. Where possible business comes forward it might be useful to have on hand a series of partnerships, small businesses in a cloud relationship who can each bring something to the table, each being able to provide something needed by the prospective client. Such clouds could be organised in various ways, informally or just by physical or traditional means of contact, online through private networking channels, closed groups or forums in such things as linkedin, facebook (where possible), private online forums hosted by an interested party, just by email or the like. Perhaps someone else has an idea?

a few new bits on the graphics side

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I just uploaded “Radio house 4” to, please listen now at: