New Bundles – Resources for your projects

Here we have some new resources for your projects. below you will find all sorts of inspiration as well as useful bits and pieces that will enliven what you put out there in aid of your brand, your products and services.

Source: The Summer Sale Bundle | Font Bundles

Here there are a range of fonts – calligraphic brush scripts, modern yet retro inline, handwritten, alongside a variety of watercolour bits and pieces, as well as a few pointers on use of all such.

Wood surface imagery, patterns, backgrounds, textures – all adding an arty feel wherever you apply them. A range of file types to help. Moments of grunge, delicate colouring, roughness, grain, shape,

Source: Wood Surface | f4mmedia –

Today we are looking at a showcase of web designs that have all included some watercolor effects with inspiring effectiveness.

Source: Showcase of Watercolor Effects in Web Design

Source: The Summer Font Bundle | Font Bundles

Buy and sell handcrafted, mousemade design content like vector patterns, icons, photoshop brushes, fonts and more at Creative Market.

Source: Free Goods Of The Week ~ Creative Market

LIMITED TIME ONLY – 85% OFF! This is a MASSIVE bundle of hundreds of my best-selling vintage and antique flower and botanical graphics from

Source: Flower Power Mega Bundle ~ Objects on Creative Market

Design for your brand, not against it

There are huge amounts of resources out there. Below are just a few that I have highlighted. When presenting your brand, your business, its services and products to your clients/customers you want to make the best impression possible. That means designing, or having someone design, images and messages that work fully and properly for you. There are always new design styles running around. I talked recently a lot about watercolour styles and the brush calligraphy scripts that go with it so well. Coming through now as well is a very retro return using decorative yet grungey fonts and vintage style photographic images and textures.

Mangano Font by Hindia Studio available for $15.00 at

Source: Mangano Font by Hindia Studio | Font Bundles

New Brington by inksunmildertype available for $11.00 at

Source: New Brington by inksunmildertype | Font Bundles

Premium free font available each week exclusively from Font Bundles Grab your free fonts for a limited time only

Source: Free Font of The Week | Font Bundles

The Majestic Fonts Bundle is a varied and dynamic collection of 40 magnificent fonts. Creatively packaged up and with huge savings, it’s a must have bundle

Source: The Majestic Fonts Bundle | Font Bundles

94% OFF / 2350+ GRAPHIC DESIGN ELEMENTS — In this bundle more than 2350+ different items watercolors, fonts, patterns and objects. It’s 44

Source: 2350+ Graphic Design Elements ~ Illustrations on Creative Market


Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

Design week – resources, ideas …

The week starts here with a whole new set of resources and ideas. If you are going to put something out there it is useful to add to the whole mix a branding presentation that says something more – about you, what you are offering. The right design, something that fits and extends the whole idea, the whole presentation speaks a thousand words. Making awrong design decision says just as much but in the opposite way.


Start here with a useful collection of fonts

Buy and sell handcrafted, mousemade design content like vector patterns, icons, photoshop brushes, fonts and more at Creative Market.

Source: Free Goods Of The Week ~ Creative Market

All the hottest web design trends of 2016 explained. See dozens of visual case studies that reveal the methods behind the eye candy.

Source: Web Design Trends 2016: The Definitive Guide

Source: — Discounted design bundles with extended license! | Only Best Sellers – Mega Bundle! vol.15

Originally published by Five Simple Steps in 2013, my Pocket Guide to Combining Typefaces has sold thousands of copies, been used in college curricula, and been cited in conference talks by industr…

Source: The Typekit Blog | Combining Typefaces: Free guide to great typography

Watercolour week – 3 – fonts, backgrounds, actions, more – Resources

watercweek2a In all of this there is a lot to see. Designing for your projects can be quite a task, especially given the rate at which design styles change. Getting just the right look for what you are trying to do and to present can be hard work. Watercolours give a sense of freshness, springtime, arts, crafts, the home, the kitchen or living room table where mum and kids are hard at work, or perhaps you are taking a moment just to play away with some brushes, their is that hobbyist feel as well. With the typography to boot, you get a feel of the casual, handwritten, with just a dash of the erratic but in a comforted manner, ink and brush, pen and marker. These fonts can be added to all sorts of scenes – generated scenes of a desk, a table at home, a workstation without the office background, something floral, countryside, fun, gentle fun – and a variety of textures – watercolour itself, papers with different feels, wood and more …callig1

There is a lot for you to look at here – we can only hope that these resources will give you some good ideas for what you have ahead. Have a good look round – and there is still more to come …

This is a taster set of floral and nature watercolor clipart prepared by the Corner Croft, painted by the watercolor […]

Source: Corner Croft Clipart – Free Design Resources

Achieve Amazing Watercolour Effects in Your Design Work With Ease! We’re so excited to introduce our totally massive watercolour pack, which

Source: Complete Watercolour Design Toolkit ~ Graphics on Creative Market

Spring vibe is still here right? let’s have some of this Watercolor flower elements for free! with different types of flowers […]

Source: 18 Free Watercolor Flower Elements – Free Design Resources

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION/INSTRUCTION HERE: — I have tested the actions only in Photoshop CC, I am not sure if they work on CS6. but the layer

Source: Text To Watercolour Actions ~ Actions on Creative Market

We know that you’ve been waiting for a long time to something like this; a collection of 30 best script fonts bundled together at affordable price.

Source: 30 Superb Script Fonts Bundle Only $29 – with Extended License | Pixelo

Source: New Fonts this week from Font

Due to popular request, and because I’m feeling the love…this product will remain discounted at $40 for you all 🙂 $200 worth of BRAND NEW

Source: The Mammoth! Watercolour Kit ~ Display Fonts on Creative Market

Hello, I present Bundle Watercolour Flowers. Ideal watercolour elements for invitations, wedding invitations, handmade craft items, scrap

Source: Bundle Watercolour Flowers ~ Illustrations on Creative Market

Website Trends

8 Website Trends That Are Ruling The World of Web Design.

Flat Design vs Minimalism : Which One to Choose? |

Web design continues to move on. The changes we see as time passes – sometimes it is just a case of appearance, chnges in the graphic style of websites – sometimes, courtesy of changes at the level of code and operating systems, we see deeper changes, responsive capabilities, embedded video, scrolling changes and more.

Mastering HTML5 video | Alex’s Blog.

40 Web Design Blogs To Follow In 2015 | Elegant Themes Blog.

Some of the things that are always useful are having suitable resources to hand – it might be the case that they may not seem the right thing at that very moment but then, if they are not readily there you can’t make use.

free downloads « colours heard.

design « colours heard.

stock images, textures, backgrounds and more « colours heard.

Graphic Design – materials, resources, ideas, more… « colours heard.

10 great websites to find free stock photo.

f4mmedia Stock Footage | Royalty Free, Instantly Downloadable | MotionElements.

snakeskin | 10.8MB .RAR file –

arty blurs | 10.7MB .RAR file –

polygonal backs | 191.3MB .RAR file –

polygonal blur | 30.2MB .RAR file –

f4mmedia available materials

f4mmedia’s DeviantArt gallery.

Beyond the blur « colours heard.

sellfy f4mmedia banner

f4mmedia (f4mmedia) –

coloured grunge bg 1 cover

coloured grunge backgrounds 1 | 33.5MB .RAR file –

coloured grunge bg 2 cover

coloured grunge backgrounds 2 | 29.9MB .RAR file –

polygon | 29.3MB .RAR file –

radials cover

radials | 3.4MB .RAR file –

electric ingenue cover

electric ingenue | 32.6MB .RAR file –

des bate | manager at f4m media | Bio & Portfolio.

f4mmedia Stock Footage | Royalty Free, Instantly Downloadable | MotionElements.

skin cover

snakeskin | 10.8MB .RAR file –

cover arty blurs

arty blurs | 10.7MB .RAR file –


polygonal backs | 191.3MB .RAR file –

polygon cover

polygonal blur | 30.2MB .RAR file –