web design for your business

Your website is your online shopfront. It needs to say who you are, what you are, how you will do it, and more. It is an essential part of both your branding and your marketing.

Be a good example of yourself!

The littlest of things can make a difference.

Your style, palette and typography – the font/s you use need to say something about you – and they all need to say the same thing!

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A new style and portfolio e-book will be made available very soon on slideshare – check out f4mmedia on slideshare for a range of materials.

Kommon – music video – futurhood av


Here is another in the series of music videos from the traveller ep from kommon.

Here we use a series of abstract geometrics with occasional overlays of footage, almost random.

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Social media channels – the rise and the fall – the uses to be made

Mural.ly takes Pinterest to the Next Level | CreativePro.com.

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social media today

youtube creator

pinterest ideas

the social sickness infographic

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20th leaf – arthouse project – audio-visual art

We are hoping to have a lot more in the way of av art projects progressed. any audio producers who would like to get involved get in touch. The arthouse and yellowblur projects are still running.

We are also thinking about a new graphics based magazine. It would be made available via the new website, currently being designed. Paypal donation. Content would include such things as graphic design, text, photographs, illustration, graphics freebies, possibly also other areas of content creation on the artier side of marketing, perhaps also including links to a whole raft of other content – music video, audio-visual art, business video and if we can events, clothes and so on. Let us know what you think. we will also be in need of contributions/contributors.

Free download graphics resources – textures, psd’s, splatters, grunge, brick, stone

New textures. New splatters and grunge but done a little differently. Resources for you all. A serious price – free!

covers etc freebies

deviant art resources

free download video backgrounds

Choose your channels wisely

There is nothing worse than having too many channels of the wrong sort taking up all of your time so that you have no real chance to get on with the real business of business.
Be careful of your time –

  • choose the channels and media to suit your business and your brand
  • use a dashboard wherever you feel the need to make scheduling easier
  • don’t try to do too much
  • but still – engage, communicate
  • be a good example of yourself


social media today

facebook or linkedin or google or twitter

I use a lot of channels but that is because I have a lot of different content to get out there – google f4mmedia and find out – you can find us on facebook, twitter, google+, tumblr, posterous, pinterest, youtube and also courtesy of our sister organization – futurhood av – myspace, more google+, more facebook, youtube etc.

What sort of content is going to be useful for you – pictures, graphics, video, text, articles and so on. Ask yourself and answer honestly – remember  – it is your time and your business!

I use pinterest for all of the graphic content we want to show, there is also content on flickr and a little on picassa. I use slideshare quite seriously because we produce all sorts of e-book content as well as powerpoints. Obviously because we create video we have content and channels on youtube and vimeo.

With the music based elements of the business we use soundcloud, mixcloud and myspace, there is even some content on Jamendo and a variety of other mix sharing sites such as house-mixes.com. Because there are all sorts of other projects in and around graphics, video, audio-visual work, we also have some presence on dropr and mural.ly.

check the links below

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futurhood av – kommon – new music video

kommon – from the traveller ep – check it out on soundcloud –

dubbed, chilled, hints of dubstep, ambient and more

kommon on soundcloud


kommon – mixcloud

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futurhood av can be found

music videos



We have created music videos for a whole range of people – hiphop, psychobilly, electro, dubstep, minimal tech, from Sheffield to Israel, Romania and beyond. We are more than happy to talk to artists from almost anywhere. We will take on almost any project – music video, performance filming, event visuals, VJ performance, promo video for events, venues, artists, DJ’s, bands, solo performers, circus, burlesque and more.

We are currently hoping to progress a whole series of projects – music production and music video creation with Matt Cooling-Stones, a general series of audio-visual art projects with audio producers who get in touch, forthcoming installations with local artists.

audio-visual art from futurhood av