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Small businesses need marketing that is tailored to suit the particularities of their operation. Too much time, effort and resources can be wasted on redundant efforts.











Small changes make a difference … Here for this estate agency plus there is a use to be made of print media. Posters give shop visitors a ready source of information. Brochures and leaflets add to the process via ‘the souvenir principle’ – giving customers and clients a ready reference and information point, something they can pick up at any suitable or convenient time and remind themselves of how to get in touch and what is on offer.
Given the upcoming website as an online resource and contact point, this will also provide another opportunity for information gathering and the acquisition of contact details. Thus, e-books, e-zines will be a useful addition to the business armoury.

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Finding the right balance of traditional and current means, media and channels will be important.

  1. have a website with current contact details, an about page – the introduction to you and your business, a basic explanation of what you do, what you sell, produce or provide
  2. create sensible social media channels relevant to your business, these will provide ongoing updates for clients/customers, allow a friendly means of contact for customer relations management and generally help with your marketing and branding providing ongoing mentions of you and what you do
  3. back all of this up with traditional means, eg., print, the very basics being a business card – see the souvenir principle blog article, catalogues, brochures, leaflets, whichever suits your business best
  4. add other media – this could include video, short promos or preentations of your business can be embedded on your website, giving further SEO opportunities as well as promotional options, also upload to youtube, vimeo, metacafe and other channels
  5. e-publishing is another option, provide digital versions of your print output, make it available via your website and other channels such as scribd

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The souvenir principle – marketing

If you can give your existing and prospective customers and clients the chance to take something away with them from every meeting, whether it is a physical meeting or, as it were, digital, they will have something to refer to at a later date. It is a reminder, a possible call to action, a nudge in your direction.

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The basics of marketing, indeed, business begin with attracting attention – make people notice you, your business, your products, your services. From there it is necessary to spark their interest. Customers and clients will not have their eyes on you 24 7 so they need a route back – if they have something to remind them who and what you are it is a beginning, if that also gives them the means to get back to you – better!

If they take away a ‘souvenir’ –  digital, print or similar …


The most obvious and most used piece of reference materials for business is the business card – it provides the basics of contact information, it is also an instance of branding – it is an instant example of the ‘design style’ used by your business – your palette, your typography, your logo
the physical act of handing a prospect your business card is an instant point of contact – it establishes good wishes, it can indicate friendliness, openness and a whole range of positivity.

Business cards are the one area of traditional print design still massively in use following the decline of print media.
Brochures and catalogues are the next in line in terms of continued use and utility:

– bi-fold or tri-fold brochures from single sheet A4, continue the branding process, extend the business ‘design style’, palette, typography, and more,
given their size they give an opportunity to provide more information above and beyond basic contact information, it gives you more opportunity to get that all important message across

Differing media

Digital media has its uses – more current than print media but print still has some uses – if you visit a physical location – shop, office etc. – it is easier to pick up a business card, a brochure, a catalogue/handbook than a pdf or similar
QR codes are another possible instant take away

Given the amount of time spent ‘surfing’, giving your existing and potential customers and clients something they can easily download provides not only information, it continues the ongoing message that is your branding and marketing, images, pdf’s, e-books in whatever form provide a reference point – the ‘souvenir’ they can refer to, they can point to on other occasions.

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