New resources and the old ones

basic textures.rar
brick and stone.rar
flooring and other.rar
foliage etc.rar
new textures etc.rar
patterns etc.rar
wallpaper etc.rar

Links to the previous free resources as well as a set of new textures and, hopefully, useful new jpegs for those in need of …

and here are a few pieces for the coming e-book

Minimal gate – new music video from –

A new piece of work – minimal tech from quantize and silverback dj of futurhood av. Please note the website is likely to be moving very soon. Yes, a new online presence is being designed as we speak.

Moments – elements from a forthcoming e-book

Coming soon for free download, excerpts from an e-book in current preparation including text and design pieces – moments from a partially medicated life. Here are a few of the visual pieces.

We may look to put the finished product on Amazon. your feedback would be greatly appreciated.