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twitter-cheat-sheet Infographic-convert-customers-using-psychology twictionary110 Web Design Trends for 2013.

Designzzz Infographic: Latest Trends in Web Design.

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303terr5 303terr4 303terr3 303terr2 303terr1 Comp 1 (0-01-46-16) Comp 1 (0-03-25-21) Comp 1 (0-03-31-01) Comp 1 (0-01-04-12) Comp 1 (0-00-58-23)I will be VJing this epic event – always has been a mainstay of Sheffield’s underground scene …

bring ear plugs and heart monitors!

Marketing for small businesses 2 – logos and more


Logo Design – Logos, a history.

The origins, history and future of logo design.

History of Logo Design: from Ancient Times to Modern Era | Template Monster Blog.

Logos and taglines are the two basic forms of icon used by any business in their branding and marketing. The point is to make them work for you. These are the first two major things to tell the story of you as a business.