having an eye

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It is really nice when you run across someone who has an eye and a talent for creating things. Such occasions can lead you to someone who is startling sometimes having a comfortable talent that warms. Although finding someone such who ignites and carries you away with their imaginings, I love those who have a curious eye, an ability that consistently warms, entertains, provokes thought. My daughter is such – Shakira Bate.

super q or super cute

marketing marketing marketing

are you really open all hours?

Every business needs it, even if it is defensive. Marketing is marketing is marketing, but the ways of marketing are different for every business. Every business has its particularities and so needs something slightly different in each instance. Target audiences, target markets are slightly different for each business. This is why f4mmedia is ‘the cornershop of content creation’. It may be a twee little phrase but there is something about your corner shop. They are open such strange and extended hours. They get to know their regular customers, always having a smile for everyone walking through the door. Although they may not have in stock the biggest pieces of kit – the pneumatic drill, the cement mixer, the X-ray machine – they do have that bag of sugar, the tin of beans and yes they can order in the bigger pieces of kit. The great thing is they listen unless they have a ridiculous queue.

New Upload to Mixcloud.com

I just uploaded “In the market” to http://www.mixcloud.com, please listen now at: http://www.mixcloud.com/futurhoodav/in-the-market/