Why be one when you can be many!

As a way forward for some new creatives it may be time to take on something said by behance:

–          the creative collective.

Not every new creative, new graduate, designer, coder, film-maker, sound-technician or engineer, photographer, marketing graduate … blah blah … is going to land a nice cosey position within a plush studio or grand office. It is all too often that they have drive, skills, all sorts to offer. Perhaps they have the odd idea, a friend or two needing something done but they don’t have all of the resources. Perhaps they have certain local contacts who may need work doing or have a problem to solve, well you get the idea.

A suggestion:

– a local directory of creatives, technicians, people with skills

– something beyond and more directed and detailed than networking sites such as Linkedin, good though it is

– somewhere a contact can post work and look for others to create a team to suit the work at hand

In other words a little cooperation between those with skills and those with business needs could go a long way, each benefiting from the other.


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