Big is nice but small is beautiful In a quirky way

I love small venues, don’t get me wrong, a large club, as long it’s not a tasteless hangar or cattle shed, has its qualities if the entertainment is gripping and the people have something about them. But the small venue has a particularity about it – well some do, the good ones. They are things to treasure. The government though has had a myopic view on all such things. They level attack after attack, restriction after restriction. But we battle on … oh! I should have said I have worked with, in and for a few small venues.

The Earl was the first major one. For a while we had something buzzing down there. After working for a couple of months as promotions manager we were voted best DJ bar in the area by Mixmag. Then sometime later came the Redhouse, not won an award yet but as a small independent not in the tight loop of many of the trendier bars, pubs and venues we have come close on many occasions.

The small venue offers a far more personal approach to events and its customer base. In the case of the Redhouse we don’t really have a core of regular customers because we are a purposeful venue. People come here for specific purposes. We offer the widest range of music in South Yorkshire. We are also the most international venue in the area. More languages are spoken here than anywhere in the area. But music is not the sum of our activities, the Redhouse is also a venue for fine artists, audio-visual artists, film-makers and sometimes food.

There is something warm, personal and friendly about a small venue. It has its very own character


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