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Even small businesses are getting into putting their businesses forward via social media. F4mmedia can help in a few ways. With all of this you need to have the right message, the right content going out on the right channels at the right times. This means having a suitable tagline or slogan. Then back it up with the right expanded message. Also add the right illustration or video or audio. Set the statement, the message in the right background and deliver it to the right people when and where they will notice it.

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It is all a case of making things fit along with being informative, or a little entertaining, perhaps even adding a hint of a wow! We try to add illustration, for instance, that ranges from a plain display of what is offered, sometimes an image or three that adds to the whole of the brand, background or landscape, sometimes adding a more theatrical setting for all that is said. Sometimes it is a case of employing real art, adding imagery to a stream of words that gently or forcefully makes people think – taking them somewhere different. All of this, with the copy, the text message as a whole, tells a story – it may be a case of telling the same story once more, with a different twist, sometimes extending the whole brand story with a completely new chapter. It is delivered in the right way, we look for the best channel possible – you don’t hope to read a book in the cinema, do you? You don’t expect to eat chinese food in a pizza house. So, when looking for B2B contacts you look rather more in LinkedIn rather than Snapchat, when you are looking to sell goods locally particular Facebook groups have real use for you.

Twitter is one of the “older” social networks. Still, I often have the impression, that especially with young entrepreneurs and small businesses, Twitter is also one of the most undervalued networks.

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Small businesses can use these free social media tools to sell to potential customers, gain likes and solicit and respond to customers.

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As the saying goes: Everything old is new again. That’s true in design for sure. This month some of the biggest trends in web design aren’t that new at all. Designers are reinventing old-school ty

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Find statistics, consumer survey results and industry studies from over 18,000 sources on over 60,000 topics on the internet’s leading statistics database

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Internet Trends, social media and …

Here are nine pro tips that social media marketers need to know from Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report that will help deliver results for your brand.

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96 percent of B2B companies are on Facebook, but many still have trouble measuring ROI and engaging with consumers.

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Yahoo announced yesterday that it will be cutting 15% of its workforce, or about 1,700 jobs, in an effort to bring the flagging Internet company back into

Source: Flickr To Be Scaled Back As Yahoo Trims 1,700 Jobs

Social media, marketing and design

Having a social media presence is a must even for most small businesses. It gives you, the business person, the opportunity to keep your customers and potential clients informed and, if you are good at it all, entertained as well. Depending on the channel you can engage in a chat here and there with your customers – existing or hoped for. With some channels it is all about the content.


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Your message is best composed of a number of elements. Stating what is relevant to you and your target audience in the right way for both. Words matter! Giving your audience a key to all of it comes with the right illustrations – the visual, be it video, photographs or bits and pieces of design work.

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portfolios, media, design and more – dropr

My friends Matt Cyrankiewicz & Noel Lynagh are building an amazing project, the first portfolio platform for all creative heads, where any type of creative content can be shared and displayed with no hassle. It’s called Dropr (http://dropr.com) and it connects creatives based on the style of their creations. So for example, musicians can meet great visual artists with ease and all creatives are quick to find and hire for projects. Dropr has been shaped by its community and now it has a chance to be released and become a powerful platform for all. Can you help me help my friends? It’s easy:


Step 1: Click on this link: http://igg.me/at/dropr
Step 2: Choose one of their awesome perks.
Step 3: Contribute using Paypal or a credit card. It’s safe and simple!


Option 1: Be in with a chance to win the new iPhone 5s, free Dropr GURU for life, t-shirts and more by sharing the campaign. More info here: http://dropr.com/contest
Option 2: Forget the phone and just share. Click the following links to share on Facebook and Twitter: http://dropr.com/back/facebook & http://dropr.com/back/twitter.


Indiegogo Campaign Video (meet us):

A short video explaining Dropr (animated):

This is the big moment for Dropr. Help us out and become a founder of the first creative-funded creative platform!

Simply reply to this message if you’d like to chat about anything.

Thank you!

Mateusz Cyrankiewicz
Creative Director & Founder

Tweet in one click: http://dropr.com/back/twitter
Facebook in one click: http://dropr.com/back/facebook

Social media channels – the rise and the fall – the uses to be made

Mural.ly takes Pinterest to the Next Level | CreativePro.com.

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the social sickness infographic

The Google +1 Button Has No “Direct Effect” On Rankings, But… | WebProNews.

Choose your channels wisely

There is nothing worse than having too many channels of the wrong sort taking up all of your time so that you have no real chance to get on with the real business of business.
Be careful of your time –

  • choose the channels and media to suit your business and your brand
  • use a dashboard wherever you feel the need to make scheduling easier
  • don’t try to do too much
  • but still – engage, communicate
  • be a good example of yourself


social media today

facebook or linkedin or google or twitter

I use a lot of channels but that is because I have a lot of different content to get out there – google f4mmedia and find out – you can find us on facebook, twitter, google+, tumblr, posterous, pinterest, youtube and also courtesy of our sister organization – futurhood av – myspace, more google+, more facebook, youtube etc.

What sort of content is going to be useful for you – pictures, graphics, video, text, articles and so on. Ask yourself and answer honestly – remember  – it is your time and your business!

I use pinterest for all of the graphic content we want to show, there is also content on flickr and a little on picassa. I use slideshare quite seriously because we produce all sorts of e-book content as well as powerpoints. Obviously because we create video we have content and channels on youtube and vimeo.

With the music based elements of the business we use soundcloud, mixcloud and myspace, there is even some content on Jamendo and a variety of other mix sharing sites such as house-mixes.com. Because there are all sorts of other projects in and around graphics, video, audio-visual work, we also have some presence on dropr and mural.ly.

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futurhood av – kommon – new music video

kommon – from the traveller ep – check it out on soundcloud –

dubbed, chilled, hints of dubstep, ambient and more

kommon on soundcloud


kommon – mixcloud

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futurhood av can be found

music videos



We have created music videos for a whole range of people – hiphop, psychobilly, electro, dubstep, minimal tech, from Sheffield to Israel, Romania and beyond. We are more than happy to talk to artists from almost anywhere. We will take on almost any project – music video, performance filming, event visuals, VJ performance, promo video for events, venues, artists, DJ’s, bands, solo performers, circus, burlesque and more.

We are currently hoping to progress a whole series of projects – music production and music video creation with Matt Cooling-Stones, a general series of audio-visual art projects with audio producers who get in touch, forthcoming installations with local artists.

audio-visual art from futurhood av