In previous articles on the branding process I have talked about the generation of keywords as a core part of the initial process of brand landscaping. There are, though, two major forms of keyword –keywords and phrases which ultiately contribute to your metadata and SEO efforts, the words you use as tags, catgories and the like. There are also those keywords which act as triggers and identifiers. These are the words, phrases and as well, the images which help to set tone, add character, colour both background and foreground.

There are those keywords which contribute to the ability of your targets to reach you, often via internet searches, these are also the keywords which contribute towards things such as adsense and ppc generally. Below are some free resources available for such efforts.




malcolm coles



Your brand landscaping efforts might be well served by a variety of ongoing ‘scrapbooking’. Try collecting anything you feel relevant, get others close to you to do the same. It does not have to be an intense affair all of the time, it can be gentle, as and when. Think of it as beginning to tell a story – the story of your brand – what stories would tell of it at its birthday party, what pictures would you share. It is, after all, the creation of a personality. That personality wil also have, as it were, an address, the things with which it is associated, there will be all sorts of stuff that makes it what it is. This sort of keyword will help to establish that and make the other tasks a lot easier and more productive.


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