Case study 7 – end notes

[the end of the case study notes …

say it f4mmedia


Key areas put to them included:

  • engagement – calls to action, what can you ask them to do that will help keep you in their mind’s eye
  • the souvenir principle, have something they can take away – for example, business cards,
    a catalogue,
  • content – styled to your brand and your targets

cornershop f4mmedia


adding to city f4mmedia


Other suggestions would include:

  • networking
  • business directories
  • blog articles
  • what can they associate you with, something external – sponsorship
  • e-book of services

some of our other work – the entertaining toolbox
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portfolio on behance

portfolio on dropr

youtube – f4mmedia – business and more

youtube – futurhood av – arts and entertainment, music videos and more

f4mmedia documents – downloadable pdf’s

rising setting.

on vk – futurhood av and f4mmedia

colours heard – the other blog


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