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We have talked a lot recently about giving your brand and your marketing a revamp through new design and perhaps a new series of taglines or endlines if you will. Having the right idea about how you want things to look is a major step, having the resources, the tools or the agency to deal with such is as big. We can help with your design revamp but we also offer up all sorts of resources to aid you in what you are doing. You can find a whole raft of ideas both on these pages and in the f4mmedia slideshare channel – check out the Elements series. In the meantime take a look at these …The Little Font Bundle Volume II is here! Little on price, these 10 premium commercial licensed fonts are full of extras and big on character. Save $123!

Source: The Little Font Bundle Volume 2

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Watercolor Pack. Textures and Logos by Switzershop available for $12.00 at

Source: Watercolor Pack. Textures and Logos by | Design Bundles

grunge and distress with a hint of colour, bonus patterns, psd’s, eps’s – something to add to your designs, backgrounds, texturesa bumper packexcitement, imagination – all fed

Source: Dirtied up | f4mmedia –

Watercolour resources.

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A design bundle packed with goodies

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yes! pandora has opened her box and allowed out not quite the chaoos you might expect but some varying patterns for your use, she is mellowing in her old age, take advantage and see what she has to of

Source: pandoras patterns | f4mmedia –

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Design week – Free Font of The Week and Font Bundles

Continuing with design week – we all need those fonts that will express all that we want to say about our brand, our project, our service – everything we do. Here are some ideas running from the latest in calligraphic brush script fonts – with their retro feel, handmade feel and arty flourishes, through to more business like display serifs and grungey grafitti-like marker fonts.

Premium free font available each week exclusively from Font Bundles Grab your free fonts for a limited time only

Source: Free Font of The Week | Font Bundles

MORVA Typeface by alit suarnegara available for $16.00 at

Source: MORVA Typeface by alit suarnegara | Font Bundles

Zomblo by Miibeedrawing available for $13.00 at

Source: Zomblo by Miibeedrawing | Font Bundles

Bimba Typeface by PereEsquerra available for $8.00 at

Source: Bimba Typeface by PereEsquerra | Font Bundles

There is a lot more to come in this series.