Choose your channels wisely

There is nothing worse than having too many channels of the wrong sort taking up all of your time so that you have no real chance to get on with the real business of business.
Be careful of your time –

  • choose the channels and media to suit your business and your brand
  • use a dashboard wherever you feel the need to make scheduling easier
  • don’t try to do too much
  • but still – engage, communicate
  • be a good example of yourself


social media today

facebook or linkedin or google or twitter

I use a lot of channels but that is because I have a lot of different content to get out there – google f4mmedia and find out – you can find us on facebook, twitter, google+, tumblr, posterous, pinterest, youtube and also courtesy of our sister organization – futurhood av – myspace, more google+, more facebook, youtube etc.

What sort of content is going to be useful for you – pictures, graphics, video, text, articles and so on. Ask yourself and answer honestly – remember  – it is your time and your business!

I use pinterest for all of the graphic content we want to show, there is also content on flickr and a little on picassa. I use slideshare quite seriously because we produce all sorts of e-book content as well as powerpoints. Obviously because we create video we have content and channels on youtube and vimeo.

With the music based elements of the business we use soundcloud, mixcloud and myspace, there is even some content on Jamendo and a variety of other mix sharing sites such as Because there are all sorts of other projects in and around graphics, video, audio-visual work, we also have some presence on dropr and

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