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Having more than just text in what you put out there is a must. You must also tell your story in a good way, preferably with a little imagination. Yes we can help with such:

Adding the right taglines to the right image is something that takes a little practice. We do our best.

The colour scheme is one thing, the tagline (or endline) another, then there is the layout of the image itself, what is pictured completes the whole. Getting everything balanced can be a bit of a job – we get thee in the end, especially given a little nudge here and there and an idea or two from others.

Trends we’re noticing: muted colors, authenticity, and symmetry.

Source: Stock Photo Trends in Landing Page Designs 

Think beyond the feature photo.

Source: Creative and Unique Ways to Use Stock Photos

The search for authenticity in stock photography

Source: Are You Guilty of Using These Stock Photo Cliches?

just a few images of those things you might find in water and around it, all nice little jpegs, don’t croak at the sight, or ribbit up

Source: waterlife and more | f4mmedia –

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Content, Design, Styles – Marketing – 2017 – 9

Things move on. If you want to reach new people, new clients and customers you need to be attractive, interesting, intriguing, entertaining, helpful – or a lot of other things. Putting yourself forward in the right way is just the start. Here are a few ideas to help. Below you will find what some believe to be the highlightable trends in design and beyond. F4mmedia can help with all such if you need it – social media, design, online marketing and more.

Each year we learn something new about design and 2016 was no different. After the last year article was a real success we decided to make some predictions for 2017, enjoy & share with the world.

Source: 2017 Design Trends Guide on Behance

The article giving insights into general principles of psychology which can help designers know users better and create user-friendly web and mobile interfaces.

Source: Psychology In Design. Principles Helping To Understand Users. | Tubik Studio

grunge and distress with a hint of colour, bonus patterns, psd’s, eps’s – something to add to your designs, backgrounds, texturesa bumper packexcitement, imagination – all fed

Source: Dirtied up | f4mmedia –

A design bundle packed with goodies

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marketing – social media, the visual, video content and more

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Making A Business Video | BizVoice Blog.

7 Social Media Trends for Consumers New Research | Social Media Examiner.

How Designers Use Color to Influence Consumers – You The Designer.

26 Ways to Use Visuals in Your Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner.


The basics of your message are the words you use – it goes without saying. If content is king then one of the content royal family is the message directly put in words. It may be a one liner, a tagline, slogan, motto, or it may be something of greater depth – an article, a written walk-though, helpful information your clients and customers can use, or perhaps general and chatty ideas surrounding your products, services and the corner of the market they inhabit.

branding-process-infographic_50291542325fe_w594 color-meanings the-ingredients-to-tasty-seo-infographic-1 TYPEOGRAPHYTHEORYPOSTER what-does-your-brand-stand-for_507d0464dffa2_w594You brand is made of so many things. Increasingly it is becoming more and more visual, even for the small business. The visual aspect may be a photo, a graphic design, a video presentation or promo. It is even the case that motion graphics are being used more by larger organizations for their promotions. They bring an artier sensibility to the whole marketing process. I will admit it is something I like, but it is not right for everyone and would make the marketing scene dull if everyone was employing just such.

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