Kommon – music video – futurhood av


Here is another in the series of music videos from the traveller ep from kommon.

Here we use a series of abstract geometrics with occasional overlays of footage, almost random.

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futurhood av – kommon – new music video

kommon – from the traveller ep – check it out on soundcloud –

dubbed, chilled, hints of dubstep, ambient and more

kommon on soundcloud


kommon – mixcloud

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futurhood av can be found

music videos



We have created music videos for a whole range of people – hiphop, psychobilly, electro, dubstep, minimal tech, from Sheffield to Israel, Romania and beyond. We are more than happy to talk to artists from almost anywhere. We will take on almost any project – music video, performance filming, event visuals, VJ performance, promo video for events, venues, artists, DJ’s, bands, solo performers, circus, burlesque and more.

We are currently hoping to progress a whole series of projects – music production and music video creation with Matt Cooling-Stones, a general series of audio-visual art projects with audio producers who get in touch, forthcoming installations with local artists.

audio-visual art from futurhood av

Free elements – youtube – design – audio-visual art projects

youtube – gutter mathematics

We are looking at new projects everyday. As you will have seen from earlier posts there are a number of things being worked on – the e-book projects – ‘moments from a partially medicated life vol2’, ‘pastoral discards’, ‘paper – burnt, stained, torn’, ‘portraits of my friends as leaves’ – as well as the audio-visual art projects – yellowblur and arthouse.
The latter two have the added option for audio producers of being open to submissions from others. Add your music to the base video and then we add screen in screen extras to make more of the whole.
Please use any of the abstract backgrounds for your projects – it’s what they are there for …

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New audio-visual art

futurhood av – the streets beneath

Electronica – sometimes moody and sometimes chilled, hopefully always thought provoking. We produce all sorts of content. On the futurhood av side we produce music videos, filmed performance content, promotional and marketing content for venues, labels and artists, as well as performing at events – DJ and VJ. On the f4mmedia side we create content for marketing, branding and generally try to help any small business in these times.

There is a place for most things somewhere or other. Here we show what we did some time ago with electronica samples and a variety of abstract and somewhat figurative pieces of content. There is a lot more to be found on the youtube channel – from hip hop to minimal tech.