Glitch – av art

Comp 2 (0-01-09-09)glitch backgrounds on deviant art

Comp 2 (0-00-57-14)

Comp 2 (0-00-56-03)

Comp 2 (0-00-48-06)while we are made to pay

is this computer error

faulty code

the glitch is system wide

Comp 2 (0-00-39-09)

Comp 2 (0-00-36-05)there is

art grown out of concept

art grown out of technique

art grown out of attitude

art grown out of accident

art grown out of mood

art grown out of experiment

I have experienced them all, moved through them, been fed by them, moved on …

Comp 2 (0-00-34-06)

Comp 2 (0-00-29-01)

Comp 2 (0-00-22-18)

Comp 2 (0-00-05-24)

Comp 2 (0-00-01-24)

Comp 2 (0-00-00-04)

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New sense – the escape, something new and a very small pile of t-shirts

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Hi, we are NewSense. A crew of educated bums that formed, congregated then loitered in 2004 under the name of E.Y.P. Performing many shows around Sheffield including the crucible and the world stage, Tramlines 2010. After a year long break from music and much self help material we are back with a brand new sound and subtle schizoid tendencies. (Hi mummy) After a night out sampling the finest, most flavoursome Stilton and bre’ to be found in sheffield. We created our new single. “Something New.” (Enjoi!)

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A chance message on facebook … a few days of imagination … a few stock pieces of design, video backgrounds, motion graphics, a couple of pieces of lipsynch filming and behold. The tune is right up my street – half of the family is Jamaican, spending formative years in Pitsmoor added, the tastes for steppers, dancehall, hip hop, dubstep and the like are somewhat natural.

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Here you can find a whole lot more – music videos, av art, video backgrounds and resources – from hip hop, to house, to dubstep and more.

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