f4mmedia resources for download

cover geometrics coloured grunge bg 1 cover sellfy f4mmedia banner

various odds and sods of patterns, backgrounds and the like – check coloursheard.wordpress.com and f4mmedia.wordpress.com for more

Source: f4mmedia various patterns by f4mmedia on DeviantArt

video fx backgrounds – colour and motion

Source: radials Stock Video Footages | C-7995

abstract animated backgrounds with colour

Source: material grunge Collection | C-7689

a series of photos from a world trip, some with a little alteration, useful for a variety of illustrative purposes – adventure, travel, animals, boisterous markets, africa, europe, japan, enjoyment fr

Source: one world to another | f4mmedia – Sellfy.com

just a few images of those things you might find in water and around it, all nice little jpegs, don’t croak at the sight, or ribbit up

Source: waterlife and more | f4mmedia – Sellfy.com

cover arty blurs polygon cover

for those who look for blurred backgrounds, here is a new set, overlay, add badges, text and more, use as textures and more

Source: blurs proper | f4mmedia – Sellfy.com

animated polygonal backgrounds – a current trend supplied with new abstract video backgrounds – animated shapes – overlay your text, logos, use for screen in screen

Source: polygonal backs | f4mmedia – Sellfy.com

svg, eps, png – geometric backgrounds, patterns, textures for use, suitable for any of your projects that need something with a little colour and pattern, a whole range of palettes to suit any taste

Source: geometrics for free | f4mmedia – Sellfy.com

textures and backgrounds in jpeg and psd formats – pixel proud, geometrical, slightly grunge informed, suitably abstract – it goes without saying, play with therm, go on, dare ya!

Source: abstracts geometrical | f4mmedia – Sellfy.com

sdw7 beyond blur F4MMEDIA cover arty blurs


Glitch – av art

Comp 2 (0-01-09-09)glitch backgrounds on deviant art

Comp 2 (0-00-57-14)

Comp 2 (0-00-56-03)

Comp 2 (0-00-48-06)while we are made to pay

is this computer error

faulty code

the glitch is system wide

Comp 2 (0-00-39-09)http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjpVKPKDD4adqUnGzfuG9jMbIqG507H87

Comp 2 (0-00-36-05)there is

art grown out of concept

art grown out of technique

art grown out of attitude

art grown out of accident

art grown out of mood

art grown out of experiment

I have experienced them all, moved through them, been fed by them, moved on …

Comp 2 (0-00-34-06)

Comp 2 (0-00-29-01)

Comp 2 (0-00-22-18)

Comp 2 (0-00-05-24)

Comp 2 (0-00-01-24)

Comp 2 (0-00-00-04)

some of our other work – the entertaining toolbox
f4mmedia on wix

the webstore on artery
an f4mmedia webstore

portfolio on behance

portfolio on dropr

youtube – f4mmedia – business and more

youtube – futurhood av – arts and entertainment, music videos and more

f4mmedia documents – downloadable pdf’s

textures, resources, free downloads

textures, resources, free downloads.

firegrunge4coll firegrunge3coll firegrunge2coll firegrunge1collbwskrd1 bwskyl1 bwskblu1 Comp 1 (0-00-01-10) bwsk1firegrunge1 firegrunge1a firegrunge1b firegrunge1c firegrunge1d firegrunge2 firegrunge2a firegrunge2b firegrunge3a firegrunge3b firegrunge4 firegrunge4a firegrunge4b DSC00726 DSC00694 DSC00185 DSC00062 DSC00691 DSC00535 splcumgr wqa patterns DSC00152 DSC00153 DSC00156 DSC00265 DSC00266 DSC00267f4mmedia on deviant art

Free download graphics resources – textures, psd’s, splatters, grunge, brick, stone

New textures. New splatters and grunge but done a little differently. Resources for you all. A serious price – free!

covers etc freebies

deviant art resources

free download video backgrounds

Design resources – video, textures, prints, brushes, patterns, inspiration …

We do our best to supply you with a variety of freebies, downloadable materials and resources to help you in your projects. Here is a bit of a roundup …

video resources and more

deviant art resources

prints, textures, brushes, patterns

portfolios on behance

E-books, design and … free resources

Out of some of the work done for a new project involving a music video, t-shirt design and so on, for a local band called New Sense, here are some new resources:

Business card and cover designs available in illustrator and photoshop formats here. 

If you would like more of the jpegs and the video source files let me know, some will soon be avilable via youtube, some via the webstore.

I am currently working on a new series of e-books. In the months to come you may see:

– moments from a partially medicated life, vol.2

– portraits of my friends as leaves

– paper, burnt, stained, torn vol.2

– pastoral discards

Here are a few tasters courtesy of slideshare:


the shapes in things to come

moments taster

paper burnt stained torn

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For more on what we are up to at the moments check out the twylah page

Of course, you can visit the webstore for a variety of resources and services.

You can also take a look at deviant art

patterns hair today 1

patterns hair today 2



patterns from food

New designs – pieces for upcoming e-books

the e-book ‘moments from a partially medicated life’ is available from the online store here

there are also new materials to be found on deviant art and prints from fine art america

take a look at the online e-books