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We don’t just talk about marketing, design, social media and content – we do it all for small businesses and others – get in touch, and in the mean time here are a few other ideas …

I will write a series of short, pithy, useful pieces of text that can be used for graphics, social media and other online and offline marketing. Similar to slogans they will add to your branding and marketing – giving you more buzz, zest and interest from buyers. They will add a creative and imagina

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I have lived and worked on 2 continents, working in a variety of industries, from multi-nationals to small, local businesses. I have a world of experience and the creativity and imagination to back up the hard work and perseverance.I have 2 blogs writing on maketing, design and more.

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Here’s the point of emphasis… That’s the theme this month. This collection of trends focuses on adding emphasis to the design with specific detailing from italics to split screens to stark, minimalist backgrounds paired with a trick or two. Here’s what’s trending in design this month: 1. Split Screens Split screen design was something that started gaining traction in mid-2016 and now it is a big deal. Browse through collections of website design and split screen outlines are everywhere. What’s nice is how quickly the style has evolved. Early split screen designs featured mostly symmetrical designs with a yin and yang style aesthetic. The new split screens have a more “anything goes” feel to them. The three examples below show three very different ways to use the same trend. Rency uses a split design to contain a loop video and the main navigation. The contrast between the white area and red is stark and forces the eye across the screen. It also ensures the user will find the

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Ever wondered when is the optimal time to post on social media? Which days and times are going to yield you maximum exposure or which days and times are going to diminish your marketing strategy by…

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The Adobe-Econsultancy Digital Intelligence Briefing shows marketerscontinuing to prioritise customer experiences

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Unify your design styles across the publishing divide – print, video, website, digital publishing, social media …

There is nothing worse for any business, small or large, than your marketing and branding presenting a hodhe podge of wildly different campaigns, styles and apporaches. Your image works best if it is solidly within the same vein across all channels. If your print says one thing, your website another, your digital publishing something else, your clients, customers and targets will take you for a disorganised mess, without any clear message. Make it clear who and what you are! The first major thing to do is to have the design style of your of your output complement each other. Have the palette, typography and icons generally agree with each other.

Designing Style Guidelines For Brands And Websites | Smashing Magazine.

A Guide to Using Negative Space – Creative Beacon.

7 key aspects of your website – NaughtyDesigner.

Did You Know: that 11 billion video ads were watched in the United States last month?.

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There are new projects coming through all of the time. Here the partnership with Triple One Media moves on. We are offering all sorts of marketing and branding help to businesses of all sizes in Sweden. There are a number of other projects running through in Sweden as well – a whole new project forum for all companies, organizations and groups, linking freelancers to those who need help with their projects.