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Although we are mainly a digital agency – creating design, online marketing, social media, video production often for small business – we still find a use for print. It has its uses!

We can design for your print needs – whatever they are – business cards, brochures, bifolds, trifolds, flyers, leaflets, catalogues, either from existing templates or radically new and to your tastes and ideas. For those of you in the UK, particluarly South Yorkshire and close, we have done a deal with a print supplier and can get the printing done as well. Give us a shout – 08432895485, or via the website –

Giving people a chance to take something away with them, to read later, for reference and for when they feel the need is a sensible approach. A business card given to a potential customer/client gives them a chance to get in touch with you after a chat. Brochures give a slightly more expanded look at what you do, what you offer.

With all of this we can use any one of a countless list of ready made templates for you, or we can design precisely to your needs – something new, something original, something keyed to your needs, your business. We can write all of the copy to insert into whatever document you want producing and use original, royalty free imagery.

In addition, we can also add to the list posters, banners, roller banners, e-books, e-zines and so much more.

phone – 08432895485

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I know Design adds value. As a process, as a method, as a practice — design can add value across organizations in a number of different…

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Small Business Week – 5 – Print and more

Print still has its uses especially for the small business. In the above presentation/e-book you will find what I call the ‘souvenir principle’ explained. Being able to take something material, physical, away with you is a useful reminder of a business, its services and how to contact them or visit their store. Business cards are the obvious example of this. They remain in use constantly these days. It is almost the same for brochures, leaflets and catalogues.

Laptop Folded Business Card Template – Black Edition — Inspired by our original MacBook Pro Laptop Business Card:

Source: Laptop Business Card Black Edition ~ Business Card Templates on Creative Market

Creative and modern designs, different styles and shapes, multiple color variations and unlimited layout possibilities is just what makes

Source: Business Card Bundle 50 designs ~ Business Card Templates on Creative Market

It is obviously the case that the design of your business card needs to reflect your brand – it needs to be a real example of you and the business you are running. Here are a few bundles and examples of various styles of business card to make it easier to choose properly.

Buy and sell handcrafted, mousemade design content like vector patterns, icons, photoshop brushes, fonts and more at Creative Market.

Source: 100 Massive Business Card Bundle ~ Business Card Templates on Creative Market

BIG BROCHURES BUNDLE — This is super bundle of 14 best creative brochures templates for your great works. In this pack you can find

Source: Creative 14 Brochures Bundle ~ Brochure Templates on Creative Market

Get the client with the Rivington Pitch Pack, a pack including 7x Adobe Indesign templates to cover your client interactions from

Source: Rivington Pitch Pack ~ Brochure Templates on Creative Market

Get the client with the Sofia Pitch Pack, a pack including 7x Adobe Indesign templates to cover your client interactions from the

Source: Sofia Pitch Pack ~ Brochure Templates on Creative Market

These are just a few possible choices. Again the style and content needs to reflect your business. It needs to say something about you.

You can find a few design ideas in the Elements series of presentations here.


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… and because it’s friday here are a few other bargains and useful resources:

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Have Heart is a set of 2 hand-made marker pen fonts, designed to combine perfectly and allow you to create stunning hand-lettering quickly

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The souvenir principle – marketing

If you can give your existing and prospective customers and clients the chance to take something away with them from every meeting, whether it is a physical meeting or, as it were, digital, they will have something to refer to at a later date. It is a reminder, a possible call to action, a nudge in your direction.

promo2 (0-00-06-05)

The basics of marketing, indeed, business begin with attracting attention – make people notice you, your business, your products, your services. From there it is necessary to spark their interest. Customers and clients will not have their eyes on you 24 7 so they need a route back – if they have something to remind them who and what you are it is a beginning, if that also gives them the means to get back to you – better!

If they take away a ‘souvenir’ –  digital, print or similar …


The most obvious and most used piece of reference materials for business is the business card – it provides the basics of contact information, it is also an instance of branding – it is an instant example of the ‘design style’ used by your business – your palette, your typography, your logo
the physical act of handing a prospect your business card is an instant point of contact – it establishes good wishes, it can indicate friendliness, openness and a whole range of positivity.

Business cards are the one area of traditional print design still massively in use following the decline of print media.
Brochures and catalogues are the next in line in terms of continued use and utility:

– bi-fold or tri-fold brochures from single sheet A4, continue the branding process, extend the business ‘design style’, palette, typography, and more,
given their size they give an opportunity to provide more information above and beyond basic contact information, it gives you more opportunity to get that all important message across

Differing media

Digital media has its uses – more current than print media but print still has some uses – if you visit a physical location – shop, office etc. – it is easier to pick up a business card, a brochure, a catalogue/handbook than a pdf or similar
QR codes are another possible instant take away

Given the amount of time spent ‘surfing’, giving your existing and potential customers and clients something they can easily download provides not only information, it continues the ongoing message that is your branding and marketing, images, pdf’s, e-books in whatever form provide a reference point – the ‘souvenir’ they can refer to, they can point to on other occasions.

7 digital alternatives to physical business cards – Web Hosting Blog.

5 Apps to Digitize Your Business Cards.




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