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Getting your message out there needs usually proper decoration – it needs supporting content, something to give a general background, a setting, a visual re-affirmation of what is being said. Hero headers, scenes, mock-ups are just part of all of that. They help to give proper location to the whole branding effort – it is placed, rather than allowed to wander without purpose.

Here are some great free PSD mockup scene creators that come with 50+ ready-made mockup/scene templates and over 400 individual items in total!

Source: 40 PSD Mockup Scene Creators | Free and Premium| Over 1K+ Objects

Then in anything you do, design wise, it is sensible to follow a particular palette. Just as design styles have their own fashions, alongside the accompanying typography, your colour scheme has its own set of trends as well as well understood psychology.

The idea is to create a color palette that grabs the attention of users, sets the right mood for a project and helps deliver content effectively.

Source: How to Create a Perfect Color Scheme [Infographic] – Designmodo

more patterns for your use – well coloured, with a hint of grafitti- urban but not too extreme

Source: graf pattern bundle | f4mmedia –

Wood surface imagery, patterns, backgrounds, textures – all adding an arty feel wherever you apply them. A range of file types to help. Moments of grunge, delicate colouring, roughness, grain, shape,

Source: Wood Surface | f4mmedia –

But then does your content have to be either text or image? Video is increasingly used and useful in getting messages across and adding a suitable extra dimension to your efforts.

Video is taking content marketing by storm, but you’ll have to do more than just make one to realise its full potential

Source: Why online video is the future of content marketing | Guardian Small Business Network | The Guardian

Success on YouTube and beyond

Succeeding on YouTube is not easy by a long shot. Often times, you are actively competing against competitors who have been established and popular for a l

Source: Using Devumi To Leverage Social Proof For Greater Success on YouTube

It is so much easier to get yourself a simple marketing video up and on youtube and similar sites. It is no longer the pure domain of the big! It still, though, needs to be produced properly and have a style that speaks to your targets.


A social media attack can be a surreal experience, leaving you bewildered and frustrated. Here’s how to find the best punchlines. – Content Marketing Institute

Source: When Followers Attack: A Monty Python Guide to Maintaining Social Media Harmony

Good videos can be used to drive great sales. These 5 strategies for video advertising will help your company engage users and improve sales.

Source: 5 Reasons Why Video Is Your New Secret Weapon – Marketo

Donovan Hutchinson stamps his snow-caked boots, unwinds his scarf and eases [See what we did there? Did you?] us into December with some tips and resources on integrating animation into our website style guides. A warm animated welcome to 24 ways 2015!

Source: Animating Your Brand ◆ 24 ways

Did you know that the earliest advertisements date back to 4,000 B.C.? That’s right, in early civilization, business owners would paint on highly visible rocks encouraging people to visit their store. 6,000 years later, the paint’s a little different, but the principle is essentially the same. But what if I told you everything is primed to change in a massive way? What if the rocks we’re painting our messages could soon be direct sales channels? The following is a thought-experiment that begins to explore what’s possible.

Source: The Death of Advertising as We Know It — Enterprise Ecommerce Blog – Enterprise Business Marketing, News, Tips & More

MichaelPattersonSocialMediaManagersChecklist the-hectic-schedule-of-a-social-media-manager-1-638

Picking your domain name doesn’t have to be hard. Picking your domain name is a process that should be handled carefully with plenty of planning & research.

Source: Things to Consider Before Picking Your Domain Name

Design and video resources by f4mmedia

a-0528 a-0250 cover geometrics abstracts cover1 coloured grunge bg 1 cover flg3 radials cover abstracts cover1 electric ingenue cover coloured grunge bg 2 cover cover arty blurs polybacks1 skin cover

Reflections involving water and water features, mainly taken in the north of England, typically Sheffield

Source: Water reflected Stock Video Footages | C-8005

flowing water involved in architectural and other features of a city, often Sheffield

Source: City flow Stock Video Footages | C-8003

Source: gt abstracts 2 by f4mmedia on DeviantArt

well why not eh?

Source: geometric nuts a by f4mmedia on DeviantArt

colourful abstract backgrounds using snakeskin

Source: snakeskin Stock Video Footages | C-7688

well coloured animated backgrounds featuring blurs and polygons combined

Source: blur and polygons Collection | C-7690

a series of animated backgrounds using basic shapes, a 3d effect, movement and colour

Source: basic shapes Stock Animations | C-7691

a basic animation collection useful for vj loops, overlays, added movement, combination effects

Source: hair glide Stock Animations | C-7824

Music and marketing 3 – video

Video is used far more now by those within the music industry. Not only are the big names getting stuck in to the medium, even small bands, producers, labels and venues have the self same opportunity.

Video flyers are something of a new approach to promoting an event, a release and the like. They can add significantly to the content distributed via social media. Here are a few examples

Here is a vlog produced by some friends.

Here are some examples created by futurhood av, with whom we are connected.

Vlogs and video interviews allow you to be chatty, personable and get basic information across. They allow you to present yourself in a direct and engaging manner. Within this category you can also place ‘the retrospective’ – the presentation of and event or a performance – flavour delivered directly.

Music videos are a product all of their own. They give the music that extra visual dimension. Here are some from futurhood av

Adding music videos to the mix creates additional engagement with your audience. You as a brand acquire another dimension above and beyond the production or performance of music.

Choose your channels – click on the links below

dm3youtube-logo1 imagesvim imagesmetLet us know if we can help. Discuss all of your needs with futurhood av – click the link below

fhavbanner5All of this is obviously just a taste of the what and how of video in music. There is more to come …

Digital marketing and the music industry: six key trends for 2014 | Econsultancy.

Emotional Brilliance – Lush Sheffield

emotional brilliance the launch

A new colour cosmetic range from Lush. Here we show the Sheffield launch. Originator – Rowena Bird (co-founder of Lush).

The launch featured music from Southcliff and poetry from Kate, Lydia and Sarah.

Southcliff providing the music

the poets