and so the return begins

So we are seeing the opening back up of many businesses, but are we going to see all of them suddenly put the motor into 5th gear and hurtle down the road. So many of us have been crippled or close to over the past year plus. One thing we try to do here at F4mmedia is to help businesses starting out. Basically it is what many of us are doing once again given a new lockdown opening. You cannot earn from a business that is not earning itself, so we look to take things gently with the small, the start-ups and the like.

On top of all of this we are seeing a completely different business landscape. With the losses, personal, financial and more, that so many of us have witnessed or directly experienced, outlooks are different, we feel different. Our eyes look for things of a changed hue, palette and outline. Our ears search for a different tune and tone. Taste, smell and touch have also moved , grown and widened.

design resources, bringing a little art and style to what you have available

Source: f4mmedia, Designer at Creative Fabrica

So should we be looking for a new palette, background, key image, flavour of text?

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