The changing landscape

Yes! we are faced with a business landscape that has changed massively over the past months. We have to continue, to battle on! So much of our time is now home or home office based and much more emphasis is on our online presence and channels. So what are the watchwords littering or filling this new terrain?

Content – as always content is king, or queen, whichever you want to characterise it, we have to have something to present to those out there, and that can come in many forms, be it just plain text, telling it simply or entertainingly, it can be visual be it design, photographic imagery, all with or without text, perhaps even video

Message – as is obvious there is always a need for a message, what else are you doing otherwise, that message needs to convey, perhaps to portray, yes it can be humorous or plain factual, but it needs to connect and create a foundation for something further, elicit interest, make people think, feel, react

Resonance –- there needs to be resonance, as said create feelings in those receiving the message, so many of us are feeling lost at the moment, give them a way to move on, a road, a route, perhaps a wall to climb but one providing a view at the end, a sense of achievement

… just a few thoughts to make you or help you think

A growing new set of resources for you –

f4mmedia resources


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