We battle on through the crisis

These are difficult times for us all. Ordinary day to day life has been transformed generally into lockdown for so many of us. Some of us still go into the office, the plant, the factory, workshop, one or two still go into open shops etc. but for most of us the world outside is just there for the occaisional visit now.

We are currently experiencing an online life. For most of us we have to do everything via phone, tablet, laptop or desktop but once in a while we manage at a suitable distance to do something in person. The internet and airwaves/phone lines have taken over so much more of our lives. Sure back just a little while we would complain about kids, teenagers etc. being on their phones endlessly, even while walking, even seemingly in their sleep.

For all businesses now we have to have a suitable online presence and suitable contact channels if we are to do anything in terms of business. Yes! we have to weather the storm, we have to outlast the crisis but we also have to have an eye on what the future will bring. The world economy is suffering and that will continue for some time. We need to prepare and that means a continued online presence via social jmedia, websites, email, smartphone and all such.

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Everyone needs a web presence these days. We are either on our phones or laptops or even desktops endlessly. This is our world! The consequence is that because this is a major part of our ongoing lives things change – businesses and people in general update the designs and functionality of their presence regularly. Something new catches your eye, it catches a lot of eyes, especially if it agrees with how they are thinking and feeling at the time. Design styles change, sometime sbecause we get fed up of seeing the same things over and over again.

So …

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Some things you should not do

2025 is the year that mobile carriers say 5G goes mainstream. How will the technology change, revolutionize, or make obsolete the things we do today? We asked futurists to give us an idea of our future 5G connected world – and their predictions don’t disappoint.

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Source: Blogarama – #1 Blog directory

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